Beauty & Wellness

Lasting Solution

Why keep buying and throwing away plastic wrap when there’s a more permanent option for keeping things fresh?

Prime Pampering

Waxmee Salon & Spa is a one-stop shop where affordability does not affect quality for clients who demand the best but can still be impressed by finding it at reasonable prices.

Autumn’s Glow

As the city approaches its most desirable months, leveling temperatures and lingering humidity levels put extra pressure on our face, hair and body. Minimize and control the shift with these simple beauty tips.

Seize The Moment

Looking to get more out of life? One of the most effective and time-tested methods is data collection. Here are a few gadgets that will help you monitor your activities and track your results.

Conquer Aging

RxGenesys is a new approach to skincare with a unique S2RM compound that supplements the skin’s natural production of Stem Cell Released Molecules, deeply nourishing it at a molecular level and promoting the resurgence of a beautiful, younger-looking complexion.

Scheduled Maintenance

Sometimes we need more than a good night’s rest! Here are some tips to give you that extra boost and keep you running like a well-oiled machine.

Natural Beauty

For over 50 years, Éminence Organic Skin Care has been harnessing the power of nature to unlock the secret to a more beautiful you.

Welcomed Zen

Before you turn into a grinch as you prep to survive yet another hectic holiday season, get your calm back at these Miami experiences sure to get you back in sync with yourself and everything around you.

Smile Invest

If you’ve worked tirelessly to land an interview at your dream company, don’t let it be overshadowed by an unhealthy or unattractive smile.

Float On

The light-speed pace of working on Brickell causes stress. While most days we thrive on this stress, there are times we need to get completely away from it all.

Be Illuminated

We all want to be radiant, don’t we? While it may not always be easy, with Alfaparf Milano’s re-launch of their iconic Semi Di Lino line, at least now it’s easy to have your hair shine brilliantly.

Wearable Inspiration

Make a resolution to find balance in your life with a new yoga routine and corresponding clothes designed to keep you motivated, on track and in the moment.


One man decides it’s time to get into shape. But instead of working up a sweat, he works his mouth and is forced to exercise his brain and ponder the very meaning of life.

Gentlemanly Grooming

Eternal bachelor or blissfully betrothed, either way, the modern man has to step up his grooming game nowadays. Follow these simple tips to help put your best face forward.

Natural Resource

It’s just water, right? These products showcase liquid resources that pack a powerful healing and nurturing punch, even when taken straight from the source — whether that’s a historic village spring in France or the sunless depths of the sea.

Mind Calm

A whopping 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. A local spa is using massage as a way for them to find peace & relief.

Beautiful Ideal

Our outer selves should represent the finest parts of our inner selves — whether that’s who we are now or who we aspire to become during the next phase of our personal growth. Ecstasy Salon Spa is on a mission to help you accomplish just that and a whole lot more.

Cosmetics Insider

Paula Begoun, “The Cosmetics Cop,” and her team thoroughly evaluate tens of thousands of beauty products to help you discern which products are the best and worst in every price range. Here are some general tips to keep in mind during your next beauty product shopping spree.

Summer Tresses

Whether you’re planning on spending your afternoon watching the sunset with a loved one, having cocktails on a sailboat or sipping champagne by the pool, romantic hair is all the buzz this summer.

Seaside Staycation

The Eden Roc is offering to free locals from the aggravation of airports with a relaxing, one-of-a-kind Family Beach Escape Package.


Ask any Miami lady and you’ll quickly learn that there’s a fine line between summer sexy and summer disaster. The heat and humidity play havoc with makeup, and a perfectly put-together face is replaced by raccoon eyes and bleeding lipstick. Australian makeup master Napoleon Perdis offers up the following insider tips to melt-proof your look on even the hottest summer days.


Learn to enjoy your “custard curves” in the city — any city — while keeping from permanently falling off the wellness wagon and enjoying the ride every step of the way.

Hot To Trot

We’ve uncovered the latest products and procedures sure to keep you youthful & stunning without going under the knife in a city where beauty abounds.

Healthy Living

The key to a healthy life is the little things. Sure, we all wish we could run a marathon, only crave food that is good for us and have the perfect physique. But big change isn’t easy, while small changes can lead to large results.

Adios, Cellulite!

Cellulite remedies can be pricey and ineffective, but there’s one natural treatment that can make your legs smoother without breaking the bank.


It’s time to take authority over the image you project — in life, work and love. Commandeering your image is the first step on your path to success — all it takes is learning to highlight your assets while downplaying your shortcomings.

Oral Fix

Oil pulling, also known as kavala or gunusha, is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique usually associated with Indian medical remedies that dates back almost 5,000 years.


Remember when kale was just that weird green leaf that health freaks use to put in their smoothies? Yeah, that’s sooooo last year! Lovinah Natural’s Kale Chia Berry Body Serum is sure to turn you into a fan.


We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives, and it seems like no matter who we speak to lately, everyone is bragging about the wonderful benefits of lemon water. So what can drinking a little lemon throughout the day really do for you? Well, lots.

Body Beautiful

It’s a rare person who doesn’t have a little fat around their middle that they would like to get rid of. Fortunately, in the last couple of years there has been new technology that has been FDA-approved to specifically address this concern.

Sayonara, Halitosis

There’s nothing more embarrassing that living with bad breath, but fortunately, you don’t have to. Here are a few natural remedies that will kick halitosis to the curb.

Perfectly Pampered

Dazzle everyone you encounter during your night out on the town by indulging in these top-notch spa services that are sure to get you beautified and re-energized for whatever big event is on your calendar.

Wellness Apps

Today’s phone apps help us oversee our finances, our home and work projects, and they even tell us when it’s time to take the mini-van in for scheduled service. Why not have them also assist with your personal well-being? Here are a few options.

Hands of time

The claim that you can tell a person’s true age by taking a look at their hands is true. Fight the signs of time by indulging your mitts in a luxurious gulp of hydrating protection.

Multi-Layered Beauty

One of the newest modalities for skin rejuvenation is micro-needling, whereby fine needles are passed into the skin producing inflammation, which stimulates new collagen growth. The most advanced type of microneedling is the Infini machine.

Liquid Remedies

When it comes to good looks, Julia Onnie-Hay, Founder of Bless Botanicals that sets up shop at the Midtown Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning, has a bunch of great easy-fixin’ beauty recipes just about anybody can try at home. Here are a few.

Majestic Manes

Danny Jelaca and his team of stylists, colorists & hair designers have mastered the art of creating glamorous and easy-to-manage looks. Here he shares some great tips on maintaining healthy locks that he practices daily at his highly-coveted Danny Jelaca Salon in South Beach.


Aqua Harmonia

Inspired by visionary artist Antuan Rodriguez’s Water Codes collection, this editorial invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the human body forms a profound connection with our most precious element. Through this fusion, we celebrate the essence of life itself.

Joy To The World

The holiday spirit was alive and well in Miami as festive events, private soirees and community cheer spread throughout the urban core and beyond.