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Craving Curbers

The holidays are here, a time synonymous with comfort foods and indulgence. Here are a few natural supplement options to assist with eating in moderation while remaining jolly for the season.

Zen Space

Don’t get overwhelmed by the non-stop pace of the New Year, here are options to incorporate into your daily routine to keep the peace — as in inner peace. From meditation, to relaxing with a scented candle, to drenching our bodies in a soothing balm, balance is about treating ourselves with tender loving care.

Hello, Beautiful!

Check out a few makeup trends that have transcended from fall to winter with tips from top makeup artists in South Florida and beyond.

Infini Touch

In today’s aesthetic industry, there are a variety of procedures that can be done in less than an hour which may provide the patient with long-term results, like the Lutronic Infini fractional radiofrequency system, a device designed to target facial fine lines, loose skin, acne scars and improve skin texture overall, which may not always be achieved by fillers or neurotoxins alone.

Artistic Workout

The Cicloette Exercise Bike could have been designed with the Downtown Miami condo dweller in mind. Not only does it significantly downsize a regular stationary exercise bike, it also doubles as sculptural art.

Fabulously Fit

Bringing a brand that practically invented luxury lifestyle enhancement to one of our financial district’s most exciting projects, Equinox’s addition to the Brickell Heights complex is the crown jewel of the coveted development.

A Thing of Beauty

Addressing the aging side-effects of wanderlust: Firsthand experiences with treatments and procedures, performed by leading South Florida medspas, to revive, restore and beautify today, tomorrow and forever.

Eye of the Beholder

An exploration of how to avoid succumbing to what society considers beautiful while realizing the real meaning of true beauty.

An Ode to Yoga

If yoga is part of your regular fitness regimen, congratulations, you’ve discovered one of life’s greatest joys. If it’s not, read on to find out why you should jump on the bandwagon: STAT.

Children First

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has proudly served our community for more than 65 years, ushering in a long tradition of leadership in pediatric healthcare. They are committed to offering the most innovative practices within a supportive environment for both children and families.

Treat Yourself

Always eager to soothe and satisfy an expanding customer base, MySpa @ InterContinental Miami announces an exciting new partnership with British-based skincare savants Elemis.

Fetal Care Center

Learning your unborn baby may have a medical condition can be overwhelming. For many, it marks the beginning of a medical journey. The Fetal Care Center at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is devoted to the care of infants diagnosed with medical differences prenatally. 

Fashion Follicles

Ever eager to provide the latest and greatest for his clients, Hair By Hisham’s founder wows Miami with H-Pro Extensions.


Beauty brands are stepping up and going beyond just helping you look good — many are using their platforms to stand by a charitable cause. Check out a few great products that support philanthropic initiatives around the world. 


The most advanced surgical platform today, Robotic Surgery is minimally invasive with less pain, reduced blood loss, less scarring, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. Best of all, it’s available locally at Mercy Hospital.


Forget full lips and prominent cheekbones, eyes are by far the most beautiful part of the face, with lash lifts and eyelash extensions from Rik Rak Salon key factors in today’s haute looks.


One of the most innovative solutions to reduce signs of aging in the skin as well as heal the body is through stem cell therapy. Read on to get The 411 on this revolutionary treatment.


Eager to bask in our Boat Show’s glories but worried about the seaside’s sap of your delicate do? The good people at Rik Rak Salon have handed us some A+ tips on taming your mane.


The ancient art of tai chi is more than just a stress-relieving exercise. There are a plethora of hidden benefits associated with this form of martial arts, and some of them may surprise you.


Close Up

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Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.