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Artistic Workout

The Cicloette Exercise Bike could have been designed with the Downtown Miami condo dweller in mind. Not only does it significantly downsize a regular stationary exercise bike, it also doubles as sculptural art.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 10, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

The first thing one notices about the Luca Schieppati-designed Cicloette Exercise Bike is its striking futuristic good looks — but there’s much more to this piece of Italian artistry. Sit down on the carbon & alcantara adjustable saddle seat, slip your feet into the pedals that are intentionally located closer to the seat for a more intense workout and enjoy the muscle-building resistance of the dual satellite epicycloid transmission. Getting a bit bored staring out your window, no matter how fabulous the view? You can attach an iPad to the handlebars and hum to your favorite tunes while peddling. The unit is equally desirable for South Florida homeowners who will find it easy to use indoors or shift outside to enjoy a beautiful ride without leaving the comforts of home;