Thrilling Escapades

Dating in Miami can be a truly wild adventure. Luckily, there are many heart-pounding romantic experiences in and around the city to delight and create loving memories that will last a lifetime.

Heartfelt Melodies

The Miami Beach Classical Music Festival is South Florida’s first immersive symphony/opera experience and theater company to implement 360-degree projection mapping technology in a live performance.

Big Hearts

City Furniture’s Andrew & Deanna Koenig have been named chairs of the 2024 Heart Ball — a celebration of the progress made due to the dedication and passion of all who support the American Heart Association’s Heart of South Florida.

Healthy Harmony

Dr. Irina Logman and her talented team at Advanced Holistic Center; a holistic health center & natural medicine clinic, fill the gaps left by conventional Western Medicine. They view health on a personal level.

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Eternal Shine

Inspired by Harry Winton’s regal legacy and noble jewels of the past, the “King of Diamonds” has created one-of-a-kind suites that take inspiration from exquisite royal renderings with a contemporary approach: The Royal Adornments Collection.

Educational Vanguard 

Miami is the 7th largest metro area in the U.S. — a bustling hub for multinational trade, commerce and culture at the crossroads of The Americas. Miami Herbert Business School takes full advantage of this thriving ecosystem to provide the most innovative and internationally relevant learning opportunities.

Symphony Me, Myself Symphony & I 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we showcase the unparalleled freedom that blossoms from within. Each dress, crafted by local designers, mirrors the fluidity of self-discovery, enabling the wearer to express her unique beauty through unrestrained movement and total resilience.

Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.

Classic Beauty

Those who are seeking a sophisticated alternative to all the no-frills center consoles out there will be ecstatic when they step aboard Capoforte’s all new FX270.

Gator Bitez

Founded in 1989, the Gatorz mission has always been to create something bold and unique to be worn by all. Thirty-five years later, they’re synonymous with exceptional performance from the extreme to the everyday.

Instant Adventure

Is it a car or a motorcycle? It’s both! and a lot more. The Polaris Slingshot is the perfect source for a shot of adrenalin every time you fire up the engine.

Iconic Revelry

The new PIER 5 complex is adding an exciting dimension to Bayside Marketplace, infusing the community with a fresh and lively atmosphere to be enjoyed by all ages.

Helm Position

With craftsmanship in every detail, the Senna Cockpit executive chair is made for the ultimate performance, backed by sustainable design solutions, exceptional ergonomics, and more than 50 years of aerospace technology.

Heartfelt Valentines

Navigating long-distance relationships can be challenging — local ones, too. With Mo’s, sending the perfect gift is a breeze. They deliver throughout the Miami area or ship nationwide, bringing the love right to the doorstep.

Flight Time 

First introduced in 2007, IWC’s Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN is an excellent example of the practicality and style provided by this timepiece category — even if you never leave the ground.

Fluid Expression

Contemporary Cuban sculptor and Miami resident José Cruz Igarza expresses his unique vision in a wide variety of methods and materials, including painting, sculpture, photography and new media.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The quintessential romantic-yet-real starving artist tale La Bohème focuses on a crazy cadre of young friends and lovers as they live, love, Create, and make their mark in the garrets of Paris’ 19th Century Latin Quarter.

Waterfront Bliss

To truly experience Miami is to experience it from the water. With boating being a daily ritual, the ease of having a boat just steps from home, like a car, is invaluable. Enter Vita at Grove Isle.

Be Transformed

Paradise Farms is Miami-Dade County’s only Certified Regenerative Organic Farm. Set on 17 fertile, abundant acres, it’s dedicated to practices that invite a lifestyle of transformation.

Life’s Light

Living a great life is akin to crafting a living masterpiece filled with hopes, dreams, passion and connections.


An 11-year-old Chihuahua who was originally with Paws4You back in 2016, Gypsy arrived with her daughter, both as strays.


Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.

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Miami’s see and be seen social pages