Time Flies

When Pininfarina, best known for mind-bogglingly-beautiful cars, gets involved in timepieces, the result is guaranteed to be a show-stopper.

Secret Passage

The appeal of a secret room captivates the imagination, so much so that it has caused a new trend in interior design: hidden doors. Your mystery room awaits!

Godzilla’s SUV

Smaller SUVs are often derogatorily referred to as grocery-getters, but think twice before using the term when evoking this fire-breathing, asphalt-shredding beast.

Wooden You

The definition of a “proper motoryacht” will vary subject to whom the question is directed, but all will agree the Vicem 82 qualifies quite easily.

Workout Definitive

Why pump iron when you can pump gold?

Definitive De-Stresser

Young executives work hard and play hard — and they understand the importance of rejuvenating the soul in between!

Secure Spirits

Some collect their favorite whiskies to share tasting notes with friends, some store rare bottles anticipating value will skyrocket. Either way, whisky is truly artwork in a bottle — something to both show off and protect.

Hybrid Stallion

Just uttering the word “Ferrari” stirs the soul, evoking images of graceful cars blurring the scenery as they blast around the track, leaving in their wake the shriek of a high-performance engine. The new 296 GTB is all that and much more.

Write Way

Developed in collaboration with engineers at Politecnico Di Milano, the Age Of Discovery pen marks the first wayfinding complication to ever be featured on a Montegrappa writing instrument.

Interpreting Dreams

Tankoa Yachts’ T760 Apache combines luxury and nature. An object of sea-going beauty, it balances interior and exterior spaces, lavishness and light to create a bespoke palace at sea.

Symphonic Glamour

Give your next living room concerto a touch of royal prestige with the Fazoli Gold Leaf Piano. Fazioli pianos, which are handmade in Italy, are considered by many to be the best in the world.

Excess Exemplified

Ever since the first Bugatti Veyron rolled out of the factory, the pressure was on to create an even more intense supercar. The Chiron easily met the challenge, but sadly, marks the end of an era.

Unfold Incredible

Laptops have long been a compromise between purchasing the one with the largest screen size and choosing one that’s compact enough to carry daily. The new Asus Foldable OLED does it all.

Sound Rebel

Adios, stereo. With Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, sound sources are placed on a 360 sphere that surrounds the listener and creates an immersive experience.

Precision Helper

Everybody needs an extra hand now and then. How about an A.I.-powered arm that will give you the best and most precise results in a large variety of creative and technical tasks as well as everyday life? Yes, please!

Shopper’s Utopia

Brickell City Centre is a city within a city with excellent dining, entertainment, culture and, of course…fabulous shopping! A lineup of new retailers make things even better.

Anime Tribute

True fans of the popular Japanese anime series known as Lupin III don’t miss any details about the title character, including his choice of watches, which as luck would have it, is a Zenith chronograph.

Form & Function

Efficiency and performance meet design versatility in the Sirena 68. Built on a German Frers hull that offers comfortable, world-class cruising, the interior allows for true personalization via an attractive variety of layout options.

Dawg House

One day supermodel, actress & dog lover Rachel Hunter spoiled her adorable pups with a $30,000 dog house modeled after her own California Hacienda home.

Sunshiney Days

Imagine an environmentally-friendly nirvana where you can bake, boil or fry a meal for up to 8 to perfection simply and easily using only the sun. That’s exactly what the GoSun Fusion does — and much more

Sea Or Sky

Describing the Air Yacht as unique is a massive understatement. A yacht that’s also a dirigible? That’s straight out of a James Bond movie, but is about to become reality.

Deep Dive

Once you’ve conquered everything above water, it’s time to take the plunge!

Little Ferrari

There are many quick and easy ways to get from Point A to Point B, but for those who want a bit more, there’s the Ferrari Testa Rossa J from the UK’s Little Car Company.

Pocket Explorer

Emocean’s owners did well to join forces with Rosetti to create this one-of-a-kind superyacht. The result is a vessel with no-compromises ocean-crossing capability in complete comfort.

Fantasy Façade

The Casa Batllò Pen started as a tribute to Catalan architect Antoni Gaudì’s masterpiece and became a work of art in its own right.

Fabulously Evolved

The Chanel N°5 legend, a century in the making, has reached a new pinnacle in the brand’s latest High Jewelry Collection. The star of the show is a necklace that’s so exclusive, it’s not for sale.

Singlehand Symphony

If you think about it, a sundial has just one hand, yet can display the exact time. So, while most wristwatches have two hands, one can suffice as evidenced by the unique MeisterSinger Lunascope.

Electric Air

Rolls-Royce engineers and scientists set out to build a high-performance electric aeroplane unlike anything the world had ever seen. The zero-emission Spirit of Innovation is the outstanding result.

Beyond Sleep

Mastering good sleep begins with understanding it. The HiAm Bed remembers favorite positions, tracks sleep patterns and has a smart alarm to wake you refreshed every time. But wait! It’s also a home movie theater!

Cyber Buddy

UbTech’s WALKER X can serve tea, pour beer, water plants, and wipe surfaces as well as more complex tasks such as using a variety of household appliances and can make coffee, fetch food from the fridge and vacuum.

Perfection Improved

The third of the S501 class by Italian yacht builder Tanoka, Olokun, reflects what can be accomplished when an owner and builder work in concert to bring dreams to life.

Haute Monde

Combining Rolls-Royce’s engineering pedigree and long-standing dedication to creating the ultimate entertaining experiences, the Cellarette Whiskey & Cigar Chest makes every occasion momentous.

Moveable Oasis

We all dream of our own private island complete with luxurious accommodations. The only problem with islands is they can’t change their location, which is just one of many reasons why the Fountaine-Pajot Power 67 is a better choice.

Wrist Whimsy

The Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 Quadriptyque is the most extreme iteration of the “polo watch.” This hand-wound model features a staggering 11 complications and four faces — and that’s just the beginning.

Rolling Home

Emerald motorcoaches built on a Prevost chassis are perhaps the ultimate RVs. The choice of rockstars and NASCAR drivers, they are truly mobile mansions.

Aero Rocket

Fly into 2022 with the convenience of private air transportation at a significantly lower cost and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Surprises Everywhere!

Get your holiday wish list off to a great start this holiday season with The Shops at Brickell City Centre, where there is a selection for everyone. May this curated gift guide spark inspiration before your next visit and get you into the holiday spirit.

Underwater Dreams

a superyacht at the bottom of the sea would be a very, very, very bad thing. Not when it’s the 540 ft. Migaloo M5 Private Submersible Superyacht.

Film Legacy

Ansel Adams immortalized the West with a Hasselblad camera. Buzz Aldrin Photographed the moon with his. Gered Mankowitz captured some of the most iconic rock images in history. Now it’s your turn.

Functional Fantasy

Most safes are hidden in back rooms, the wall or even the floor.


Fitness First

If a healthier lifestyle is on your horizon, get inspired with a group of Panorama Tower residents taking wellness to new heights in the heart of Brickell.

Experiential Expectations

The Standard is recognized worldwide for pioneering experiential hospitality through design, culture and an unmistakable buzz. So it’s no surprise that their debut residential project is in Midtown Miami.