Neptune’s Pledge

The unorthodox design of the regal and intriguing Montegrappa Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Ocean Pens, combines heritage luxury values with brazen environmental messaging.

Meticulous Detail

The Cartier Apatura Necklace was born from the observation of the infinitely small.

Cool Time 

While best known for exceptional writing instruments, Montblanc is also a purveyor of equally exceptional accessories, to include the very handsome line of Iced Sea dive watches.

Miami Nice

There’s no doubt Sonny Crockett would come out of retirement to drive the newest Daytona, but he better hurry, as they’ll be gone quick.

Significant flagship

The latest Sirena 88 is not only the flagship of the brand, with its open-top sun deck, private Jacuzzi on the foredeck and one of the biggest, brightest master cabins in its class; it’s also the company’s 100th build.

Celestial Time

Is it a piece of art or an amazing timepiece? The answer is “YES,” as this incredibly detailed Hybris Artistica Calibre 845 from Jaeger-LeCoultre blends creativity with engineering excellence.

Underwater Opulence

Inviting your friends out for a day on the yacht is impressive — taking them to explore the depths in comfort and style on your personal submarine is next level.

Tiny But Mighty

Elegant and ultra-slim — yet capable of reaching you everywhere in a room with full-range, ultra-wide sound — the Beosound Emerge Speaker takes music to places you’ve never imagined with high style and a discrete profile.

Flying Forward

Better than a bird’s ergonomic wingspan, the Flying-V is designed to be an extremely energy-efficient long-haul plane, with the fuel tanks, passenger cabin, and cargo hold all integrated into its wing structure.

Flight Time

During WW2, pilots relied on no-nonsense, durable wristwatches — IWC’s Spitfire has the panache of these classics, with cutting-edge technology.

Transparent Tank

Inspired by the shape of a WW1 French tank 105 years ago, calling the design of the Santos de Cartier Skeleton Watch iconic is a massive understatement.

Heavenly Views

You’ll have a crowd in your backyard after your family and friends see the Porsche Design Studio C-Seed 201, which encases ultra-powerful technology into a rigorously streamlined aesthetic.

Unmistakable DNA

The $110,000 Pagani by Gibellini GP810HP camera is designed for those who love beauty for its own sake regardless of whether they are photography enthusiasts or not.

Complex Magnificence

The world is quite literally on your wrist with the Breguet Marine Hora Mundi 5557. Crafted of white gold, this unique timepiece makes a powerful statement about your sense of style.

Haute Holiday

Check everyone off your holiday wish list this season at The Shops at Brickell City Centre with a curated selection of gift ideas.

Pure Pleasure

With news that the Challenger will become an EV with the 2024 model, the latest iteration takes on the persona of an endangered species.

Silent Splendor

Yachtbuilder Capoforte has redefined itself with the SQ24, a sleek, all-electric vessel that replaces the cacophony of roaring engines with a soundtrack of water splashing against the hull.

Space Tourism

Wgaze upon the stars and our planet like never before — at a whopping 100,000 feet, viewing the curvature of the Earth and stars against the darkness of space.

Phenomenal Pen

The 2022 “Fountain Pen of the Year” from Graf von Faber-Castell celebrates one of the greatest civilizations of Latin America that has inspired and shaped the history of humankind: the Aztecs.

Deep Diver

U-Boat Worx’s new flagship Nexus solves the dilemma of seeking unparalleled adventure, but not wanting to mess up your hair.

Supercar Sound

Inspired by the captivating iconic lines of the stunning Mercedes AMG GT, the iXoost AMG Performance Speaker Set uses an actual grill from a Panamericana.

Italian Style

It comes as no surprise that the land that brings us Ferrari and Armani is also the source of a sensual yacht with heart-stopping looks and performance.

Beyond Black

A watch’s dial is all too often an afterthought, bearing the required numerals, but not much personality. However, on the Vantablack, it is a celebrated component.

Power Look

W earing a powerful pair of cufflinks is a subtle and classy way to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Big Screen

C Seed changed television viewing forever with their $1.5 million, 301-inch folding and vanishing model. They’re back with the N1 for an affordable (relatively speaking!) yet equally magnificent alternative starting at $190,000.

Perfect Swing

Arccos Golf Caddie revolutionizes the golf experience by integrating automatic shot tracking with Artificial Intelligence and Stroke Gained Analytics to deliver unparalleled insights that help golfers play smarter and shoot lower scores.

Thin Wins

Watch aficionados searching for the Next Great Thing will be intrigued by what is, for the moment. the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.

Sized Right

In what seems to be a throwback to the 60’s when cars continue to grow in size, it’s nice to see one that is no larger, nor smaller, than it needs to be.

Time Flies

When Pininfarina, best known for mind-bogglingly-beautiful cars, gets involved in timepieces, the result is guaranteed to be a show-stopper.

Secret Passage

The appeal of a secret room captivates the imagination, so much so that it has caused a new trend in interior design: hidden doors. Your mystery room awaits!

Godzilla’s SUV

Smaller SUVs are often derogatorily referred to as grocery-getters, but think twice before using the term when evoking this fire-breathing, asphalt-shredding beast.

Wooden You

The definition of a “proper motoryacht” will vary subject to whom the question is directed, but all will agree the Vicem 82 qualifies quite easily.

Workout Definitive

Why pump iron when you can pump gold?

Definitive De-Stresser

Young executives work hard and play hard — and they understand the importance of rejuvenating the soul in between!

Secure Spirits

Some collect their favorite whiskies to share tasting notes with friends, some store rare bottles anticipating value will skyrocket. Either way, whisky is truly artwork in a bottle — something to both show off and protect.

Hybrid Stallion

Just uttering the word “Ferrari” stirs the soul, evoking images of graceful cars blurring the scenery as they blast around the track, leaving in their wake the shriek of a high-performance engine. The new 296 GTB is all that and much more.

Write Way

Developed in collaboration with engineers at Politecnico Di Milano, the Age Of Discovery pen marks the first wayfinding complication to ever be featured on a Montegrappa writing instrument.

Interpreting Dreams

Tankoa Yachts’ T760 Apache combines luxury and nature. An object of sea-going beauty, it balances interior and exterior spaces, lavishness and light to create a bespoke palace at sea.

Symphonic Glamour

Give your next living room concerto a touch of royal prestige with the Fazoli Gold Leaf Piano. Fazioli pianos, which are handmade in Italy, are considered by many to be the best in the world.

Excess Exemplified

Ever since the first Bugatti Veyron rolled out of the factory, the pressure was on to create an even more intense supercar. The Chiron easily met the challenge, but sadly, marks the end of an era.


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