Photo Time

The Horage Lensman 2 is the ideal timepiece for purist photographers who insist on using old-school cameras in an age where so many simply use their cellphone’s Camera roll.
Words by Bill Lindsey | June 23, 2023 | Luxury

The Horage Lensman 2 is certainly an impressive timepiece, featuring a 24-hour GMT K2 movement to monitor two time zones simultaneously, housed in a Grade 5 polished titanium exo-case and an anodized aluminum inner case. But it’s also a serious tool for serious photographers, with a bidirectional bezel exposure calculator, matching ISO film speeds from 25 to 12,800 to the appropriate f-stop, when reviewed against the inner bezel’s lighting condition and shutter speeds. The dial is available in black or vibrant yellow, both of which are easy to read, and provide a strikingly attractive appearance when secured by either a black or yellow strap. The Horage Lensman 2 is a remarkable watch that will appeal to collectors and old-school photographers alike;