Striped Skies 

Condor is vacation. And vacations are striped: beach umbrellas, beach towels and beach chairs. Condor’s stripes stand out against the clear blue South Florida skies as they fly a new nonstop route from Miami to Frankfurt, with convenient connections across Europe and beyond. The bold, colorful stripes of Condor, also represent the diversity of the airline’s guests, employees, and the multitude of opportunities to discover the world with Condor.

Empowering Evolution

IRG distinguishes itself in the real estate landscape through its revolutionary approach. Guided by Giovanna Guzman, the firm has carved a niche as a nurturing powerhouse, creating an environment ripe with collaboration and support.

Elevated Grooms

My Grooms Room and The Lapel Project are redefining wedding style as they celebrate the groom’s journey, empowering him to express his unique style and leave a lasting impression on his wedding day

Hospitable Nature

After spending over 20 years in the South Florida market, Kara Lundgren and the highly-experienced KDL Hospitality team are focused on developing strategies to attract both visitors and employees back to the industry.

Igniting Creativity

In 2015, a team of young entrepreneurs embarked on a journey that would forever change the landscape of Miami’s creative industry. Almost a decade ago, Kendrick Vasquez, Christian Vivas, Mariana Diaz and Biscayne Boeck flipped the script.

Embracing All

FIU Embrace exceeds the wonderful promise of its name. It offers a comprehensive and inclusive university-based education, with integrated employment and independent living, for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Trade Secret

California Closets Miami’s highly trained design specialists, and wide selection of products, finishes, and design accents, has made them the partner of choice for design professionals, builders and developers for thousands of projects in South Florida.

Equestrian Extravaganza

Prepare for an unparalleled equestrian experience at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Miami Beach! From April 3-6 2024, saddle up as this world-class event that promises to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle by the sea.

Paws Friendly

When it comes to their pampered “fur babies” — a.k.a. treasured family members — modern renters are looking for a place that both they and their pets can call home.

Design Dogma

Sai Rescue Animals began its mission to help dogs in need in 2012 by promoting rescue, foster and adoption. Today, Sai Cronwall uses her dog-lover-friendly fashions to continue her important work.

Rescue Rosé

Fashion stylist Nola Singer decided to blend her passion for animal rescue work with her penchant for finding the most delectably stylish California wines. Voila! Rescue Rosé benefits animals in need.

Content Canines

Dog Behaviorist Maya Rodríguez, who specializes in cognitive and emotional behavior, behavioral health and dogs with anxiety, fear or stress, offers sage advice on reassuring a new dog.


Happy and playful, Miso was adopted from Paws4You when she was 3 months old.

Blissful Thinking

When I lost my sweet Saki a few year ago around Thanksgiving, my world fell apart.

Thrilling Escapades

Dating in Miami can be a truly wild adventure. Luckily, there are many heart-pounding romantic experiences in and around the city to delight and create loving memories that will last a lifetime.

Heartfelt Melodies

The Miami Beach Classical Music Festival is South Florida’s first immersive symphony/opera experience and theater company to implement 360-degree projection mapping technology in a live performance.

Big Hearts

City Furniture’s Andrew & Deanna Koenig have been named chairs of the 2024 Heart Ball — a celebration of the progress made due to the dedication and passion of all who support the American Heart Association’s Heart of South Florida.

Healthy Harmony

Dr. Irina Logman and her talented team at Advanced Holistic Center; a holistic health center & natural medicine clinic, fill the gaps left by conventional Western Medicine. They view health on a personal level.

Educational Vanguard 

Miami is the 7th largest metro area in the U.S. — a bustling hub for multinational trade, commerce and culture at the crossroads of The Americas. Miami Herbert Business School takes full advantage of this thriving ecosystem to provide the most innovative and internationally relevant learning opportunities.

Gator Bitez

Founded in 1989, the Gatorz mission has always been to create something bold and unique to be worn by all. Thirty-five years later, they’re synonymous with exceptional performance from the extreme to the everyday.

Iconic Revelry

The new PIER 5 complex is adding an exciting dimension to Bayside Marketplace, infusing the community with a fresh and lively atmosphere to be enjoyed by all ages.

Heartfelt Valentines

Navigating long-distance relationships can be challenging — local ones, too. With Mo’s, sending the perfect gift is a breeze. They deliver throughout the Miami area or ship nationwide, bringing the love right to the doorstep.

Flight Time 

First introduced in 2007, IWC’s Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41 TOP GUN is an excellent example of the practicality and style provided by this timepiece category — even if you never leave the ground.

Be Transformed

Paradise Farms is Miami-Dade County’s only Certified Regenerative Organic Farm. Set on 17 fertile, abundant acres, it’s dedicated to practices that invite a lifestyle of transformation.

Life’s Light

Living a great life is akin to crafting a living masterpiece filled with hopes, dreams, passion and connections.


An 11-year-old Chihuahua who was originally with Paws4You back in 2016, Gypsy arrived with her daughter, both as strays.

Wealth Management

Understanding the client’s needs and aspirations is the essential factor before attempting to recommend a financial strategy. Investment vehicles must satisfy the client’s goals.

Rocks Star

Let natural ingredients be your guide as you kick off the New Year with this refreshing organic gin cocktail — best enjoyed on the rocks you can sip it inside, outside or under the strobe lights of a club nearest you.

Good Taste

When it comes to annual events in Miami, few compare to the impact of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Aesthetic Arcade

Super Mario never looked as good as on the handmade Italian $15,750 TablesWin Rank Gaming Console. Designed to fit with the most modern décor, the arcade cabinet appears to float on its glass base.

Bright Ideas

Those who think all flashlights are Similar will be blasted by the performance of these eminently-practical powerhouses from Maglite for residential and automotive use.

Always Ready

Swiss Army Knives are cool, very practical, and like a toolbox in your purse or pocket. Now they are even cooler in these special and limited-edition models.

Coastal Serenity

Designed to evoke a sense of comfort, escape and relaxation, The Baker Resort Collection and its newest collaboration with McGuire capture the essence of coastal living with naturalistic materials, indulgent textures and simple yet elegant forms.

Fore! Fashion

Imagined for professional golf players, golf lovers, and “I must have everything LV” fans, the Malle Golf Trunk perfectly combines the elegance of a historical “wardrobe” with modernity and playfulness.


A1-year-old, 68 lb. Mountain Dog, Austin was found as a stray.

Maximum Impact

Miami’s skyline is impressive. It’s beautiful. It’s bold. I remember a time when the most talked-about buildings on the horizon were the The Atlantis (the Miami Vice building) and Villa Regina (the rainbow building).

Female Empowerment 

The monumental 45-foot-tall, 32,000-pound kinetic sculpture R-Evolution will tower over Miami Art Week from Lincoln Road, glowing in the sun and illuminated by RGB LED lights.

Sharp Ideas

Knives come in many shapes and sizes for different tasks. The new knives from Colorado’s Spyderdco cover most scenarious — from versatile everyday pocketknife needs to wilderness adventure Survival.


Close Up

Miami’s see and be seen social pages

Perfect Pairings

A few of Miami’s most successful Power Couples share love stories worthy of a Hollywood rom-com and secrets to a long-lasting relationship that stands the test of time.