Season of Cheer

Palm tree fronds don’t drop or change color when it becomes South Florida sweater weather. In fact, we revel in the cooler tempts. Fortunately, there’s plenty to do both indoors and out this month.

Crystal Clear

Florida has more springs than any place else in the world, supporting entire ecosystems and connecting Floridians to 90% of their drinking water. There are over 1,000 springs in The Sunshine State, many found within national and state parks, and several are privately owned. Throw your weekender bag over your shoulder and kick any lingering pandemic blues out of your way, by venturing off to these pristine Florida springs.

The “Other” Spaces

Innovative storage solutions maximize a home’s hidden potential, making exceptional organization an integrated part of your daily life. California Closets Miami leads the charge to help you reach your home’s full potential by maximizing every nook and cranny.

Savvy Soirees

Entertaining at home during a pandemic is definitely different — and in many ways better. Hosts are very cautious and respectful of the situation and having smaller gatherings of immediate family members and close friends that yield memories that will last a lifetime.

Fashion Found

Bringing high-definition to fashion with style that’s meaningful and full of purpose, 8 of Miami’s finest fashionistas unite to show what style means to them. In partnership with Brickell City Centre.

Bountiful Blessings

The Selfless Love Foundation has a bold vision: More foster children matched with their forever family and a strong support system to assist these transitioning youth to become independent, healthy, educated, empowered young adults.

Trendy Workouts

Enjoy your workout and healthy lifestyle choices. You’re not only much more likely to keep up the momentum, but life’s too short to continue doing things you don’t like. Luckily, there are countless options available to experience.

Elevated Education

Miami’s one-of-a-kind real estate market is helping lead the nation’s economic recovery. There’s no better place to master this high-growth industry than right here with Miami Herbert Business School’s Accelerated MBA in Real Estate.

New-Normal Hair

As our city shut down, with salons becoming inaccessible to people now cloistered indoors, many wondered how they could get that salon look at home. Hair By Hisham found the solution.

Human-Canine Bond

In a recent study, researchers trained dogs to lay in an MRI machine in order to study their brains and found that bonding with their owners is more important to dogs than it is to any other kind of pet. Proof that puppy love is real and two-way!

Shine On

Usually around this time of year, I’m up to my ears in invites for Art Week events, charity galas, holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Adventure Awaits

It may be Fall in the rest of the country, but things are hot! hot! hot! in Miami. Whether you’re excited about voting, ready to get a few last days of beach time in, or are prepared to unleash your inner culture vulture, our unstoppable city has plenty of fun entertainment options for all.

Hindsight 20/20

Imagine for a second if you could rewind your life and do it all over again. What would you do differently? What would you keep the same? It’s an impossible hypothetical, but one we have all pondered at one point or another in our lives.

World-Class Leaders

Around the world, Jackson Health System is known for saving lives. At the new, state-of-the-art Christine E. Lynn Rehabilitation Center for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at UHealth/Jackson Memorial, they go even further: They give patients their lives back.

Instant Beauty

DashBar is making headlines for its collective beauty bar experience that is quick and efficient, without compromising on quality of service or products. But did you know that they’re also huge believers in ethical beauty?

Bodacious BFF

Life with a rescue dog brings big changes — in the best ways. Say goodbye to your boring routine and say hello to a new lease on life. Bringing a rescue pet into the home will make things exciting, fresh and full of love.

Look Good, Do Good

Celebrate Mother Nature with goodies that give back — you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you want to be philanthropic and conscientious. These brands and their out-of-this-world products will allow you to look great while you do good.

Aviation Style

Embraer designs the kind of luxuriously appointed private jets that frequently eclipse even the most opulent First Class cabin. Their Paradigma Chair brings that aesthetic into the home and office. 

Here Boy!

Remember Rags, the funny little cyber-mutt from Woody Allen’s Sleeper who left little battery droppings all over the place? Meet his real-life streamlined cyber canine cousin, Spot. Consider him the pet you’ve never had but could if you can shell out the gnarly “adoption” fee.


Ampersand Studios is passionate about building a creative community, where authentic connections are made and collaborations take place. Their mission is to house a creative culture, by supporting the individuals who shape it.

Better Together

Networking has taken on a new meaning during these unprecedented times.

Experiences Await

South Florida is known for its natural beauty, worldly architecture and just flat-out eccentricities. Add in cuisine, culture and lifestyle, and it’s no wonder we wouldn’t live anywhere else. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of a still largely virtual September.

Gold Standard

You could say that Mimi Luzon has cornered the gold market. However, we’re not talking about financial markets here. We’re referring to breathtakingly beautiful skin.

Culturally Chic

Rupees Inc. has been getting Miami residents and visitors alike dressed in colorful, extravagant and one-of-a-kind Indian styles from their store in Wynwood for more than a quarter century.

Canine Co-Workers

Pets rock! From hi-rise small breeds taking over “office” chairs and keyboards to big shaggy dogs hunkering down at home — if there’s one good thing to come from the pandemic, it is our reinforced connection with the furry world.

Haute Hosting

Want to dress it up, or dress it down: Pizza and beer with servers rocking Hawaiian shirts or caviar and champagne with a prime rib carving station and a tuxedoed staff?! If you can dream it, Ollie & Sous Crafted Events can make it happen.

Masked Up

I recently scrolled through my phone to find my first mask selfie.

Photo Power

As a creative, you’re likely not only looking for a high-tech camera that takes great photos, but also one that doesn’t break the bank. The sophisticated Fujifilm X-T200 achieves that balance with picture-perfect precision.

Equitable Law

Justice reform may be trending, but veteran Washington lawyer and South Florida resident Ronald Goldfarb, author of The Price of Justice: Money, Morals and Ethical Reform in Law, has been out front on this issue for a long, long time.

Miami Spirit

If one has to go through a pandemic, we can’t think of any place better to ride it out than South Florida. The Magic City is spirited, courageous and energetic as you can see from the wide variety of virtual happenings and some, though still rare, live events and experiences.

Tiki Sips

Many claim credit for creating the Mai Tai cocktail, and plenty more insist it was invented in Tahiti, but we’ve got the real low-down on one of the most famous rum drinks in the world.

Sweet Delights

The Pavlova dessert is light, lovely and ethereal, just as the ballerina for whom it’s named.

The Psyche Of Fitness

For many, being safer at home has meant whipping up an increasing number of finger lickin’ good meals in the kitchen on a daily basis. It’s also meant that fitness routines and diets have taken a back seat as we race through the pandemic with a newfound appreciation for our tastebuds and appetites. Science says you can have your cake and it too — but moderation and balance are key.

Instant Innovation

When the global pandemic that no one expected caught us off guard and threw the economy into a tailspin, many Miamians got creative and took the opportunity to launch new businesses that effortlessly meld their skills, passions and pastimes to yield ideas worth investing in.

Power of Generosity

Through philanthropy, Baptist Health South Florida Foundation supports and expands Baptist Health’s ability to provide outstanding patient care, bring the latest treatments to patients and families affected by a serious illness, keep pace with the latest in technology and equipment advances, perform cutting-edge research and offer continuing educational opportunities to clinical staff.

Stylish Summer

Serpui’s High Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and his modern architectural design for the country’s capital, transporting people to the tropics during the golden years of Brazilian architecture.

Virtual Pediatrics

When a child needs medical care in today’s distanced world, Nicklaus Children’s Pediatric Virtual Care enables families to connect with leading pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists from the comfort of home.

Global Local

During her 9-5 job, Mandy Mizell is a traveling salesperson in the pharmaceutical industry, so it was natural for her to create a travel blog. The Flohemian: Your Guide To An Offbeat Florida Lifestyle embraces a beachy Bohemian spirit while wandering the Sunshine State.

Fast Pony

When Ford introduced the Mustang, it was aimed at secretaries wanting a sporty-looking car, but not necessarily a fast car. The reintroduced Mach One clearly is not Grandma’s Mustang.


World-Class Leaders

Around the world, Jackson Health System is known for saving lives. At the new, state-of-the-art Christine E. Lynn Rehabilitation Center for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at UHealth/Jackson Memorial, they go even further: They give patients their lives back.

TOP 20 Professionals Under Forty

As we all experienced the most unprecedented year in modern history, the resilient young professionals you’re about to meet withstood all the challenges that came with the pandemic, and stepped up to the plate like never before to hit the professional homeruns of their lives while inspiring the next generation to dream big and reach for the stars.