Altruistic Approach

A few weeks ago, I met a successful entrepreneur who recently moved to Miami and was looking to create a local board for a national non-profit he’s supported for many years.
Words by Jorge Arauz | March 29, 2024 | Lifestyle

In brainstorming ways I could help both his business and charitable cause, something he said surprised me. He didn’t particularly think that people in Miami were very interested in altruistic endeavors. I couldn’t believe it! As both a Miami native and a world traveler, I think Miami is home to some of the most generous people on the planet! Year after year, we break records for giving through Give Miami Day and endless fundraisers, luncheons and galas to benefit important causes based right here in South Florida. So many of my friends, family and colleagues sit on boards and committees, regularly contributing their time, talent and treasure to organizations that make a difference in our community. This year, I’ve had the honor and privilege to receive Be Strong International’s Stronger Together Award and the 12 Good Men Award from Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida, opening up even more opportunities to give back and inspire others to get involved. This issue is dedicated to the real “Angels Among Us” — the people who are passionately at the front lines of changing lives and raising money for much-needed resources and services. A simple act of kindness can cause a domino effect of generosity that has the power to empower and inspire everyone it touches.