NFT Gallery

Blackdove is the future of digital art installations — an elegant user experience allowing purchasing, subscriptions and display in physical environments.


Just look at that face! Blackie, an 11-year-old Schnauzer Mix, is a real charmer.
Jorge Arauz

Lead the way

When I was in elementary school, I won almost every essay contest and was a Spelling Bee champ.

Have It All

Panorama Tower offers Miami’s highest level of residential luxury. From arrival at the private porte cochére and two-story grand lobby entry up to the expansive amenity level, Panorama is alive 24/7 with nearly endless opportunities for wellness, socializing and luxury services.

Bling Impact

A journey through the most jaw-dropping, head-turning jewelry creations to complement any look, day and night.

Tequila Supreme

Miami meets Mexico at Pilo’s Tequila Garden with an open-air vibrant club atmosphere stocked with an enormous array of top-quality tequilas, mezcals and specialty cocktails, including the signature Mi Paloma and Taco Papo’s Mule.

Flatbread Fantastic

Top Chef Alejandro Palma’s main objective was to create a fusion of Latin, Asian & American flavors into innovative stone-fire flatbreads with flavor profiles inspired by the diversity of Miami and U.S. cuisines.

Tip-Top Shape

Kinesis Personal is the complete functional home gym that offers hundreds of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance — all while looking like modern art.


Annie is 13 lbs of fun who loves to Netflix and chill!

Emotional Strength

For 30 years, Be Strong International helped South Florida youth and families move from brokenness to wholeness. To date, their critical holistic educational services have helped over 230,000 individuals develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Urban Jungle

Like generations before them, Millennials have discovered that plant care is a form of self-care. Plant Proper makes indoor gardening approachable while adding a tropical chic aesthetic.

Lovely Vintages

At Foss Marai, each product is conceived as a work of art, from the beautiful bottles that have become collectors’ items to the divine sparkling Foss Marai Superiorie di Valdobbiadene DOCG wines inside.

Lasting legacy

Making an impact in the world doesn’t mean you have to save the world.

A Life Saved

Selfless and rewarding, helping animals in need is one of the great joys of life. The unconditional love and unmatched bond that results is one of the most rewarding gifts one could ever ask for.

Impeccably Clean

What’s better than having your personal assistant or the building concierge pick up your dry cleaning? Doing your own dry cleaning at home.

Jackson Heart

Jackson Memorial Hospital is not only the safety net hospital for Miami-Dade County, but it’s expanded to become the most comprehensive healthcare system in the region, caring for patients before, during and after they get sick.

Furry Healers

Therapy dogs bring joy and laughter, even if just for a short time, to take a person’s mind of their personal problems, aches, pains and worries.


You can most definitely teach this old dog new tricks!

Frothy Goodness

VeritageMiami’s Craft Beer Tasting features the cream of the crop — or, rather, the foam on the beer — of local, regional and national craft breweries complemented by suds-friendly noshes from more than a dozen South Florida restaurants.

Another Chance

Friends of Miami Animals recently teamed up with Wings of Rescue & Miami-Dade County Animal Services to transport more than 100 shelter pets in search of their forever homes. It’s just the beginning.

Major Impact

Even if you live in a “No Pets” apartment or your furry household is full, you work long hours or have allergies, you can still have a huge impact in the life of a shelter dog.

Satirical Subversive

Some consider Banksy a prankster and others regard him an artistic genius. No matter the perspective, Banksy’s popularity and influence cannot be denied.

Puppy Love

Running out of gas with no hope of a cell phone signal, I drove onto a moonlit dirt road just after midnight, praying I’d made it in time.

Tropical Escape

For a Staycation to remember in The Sunshine State, The Palm Beaches offers a sampling of all the things that make South Florida one of the world’s most sought-after destinations: Sun, sea, shopping, fine dining, world-class accommodations and Everything in between.

Imaging Above

DJI pioneered the folding drone category a few years back with the launch of the original Mavic Pro that fit in a backpack. The new Mavic 3 creates unprecedented aerial possibilities for flight, photography, and fun.

Optical Brilliance

Canon’s EOS VR System takes creativity to the next level and immerses viewers in a whole new dimension through a stereoscopic 3D 180° VR world.

Best Brews

BrewDemon’s revolutionary Small-Batch Conical Fermenting System takes home brews into a whole new realm of quality and flavor as it allows you to brew your beer just like the pros.

Amped Riding

The Kenevo is a freakishly confident beast. The bike’s long cockpit, slack head angle, and low center of gravity make it easy to maintain speed in dicey conditions, which is essential given its turbo power.

Party Atmosphere

In the heart of Brickell, Rosario dishes up a taste of Latin America, gipsy–disco sounds and refreshing cocktails & flavors.

Crypto Smart

Whether you embrace it or Loathe the idea, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. As with every investment, the benefits are balanced out by associated risks. Suzanne DeWitt helps clients navigate these complex financial waters.


You can usually tell that a person is good if they have a dog who loves them

Shine On!

The recurring cancellations and reschedules of last year aside, February has traditionally been the most jam-packed month in Miami.


Like many Miami residents, Duck is a transplant.

Advancing Change

Tomorrow’s leaders are being built right here in Miami. The next step to take on the world and transform global business and society is happening at Miami Hebert Business School.

Power Training

Like fusion cooking that combines varying and contrasting culinary trends for an innovative result, the NORDICTRACK Fusion CST bridges the gap between cardio and strength training for an all-inclusive workout.

Global Vibe

The Buzz for La Esquina in Brickell has nightlife aficionados Eagerly awaiting its arrival, with the official grand opening just on the horizon.


Food Fascination

Executive Chef Michael Hernandez started his journey in high school through his culinary operations class, where he had his first opportunity to cook and discover his true calling.

Soul Mates

Miami power couples share their secrets to success and how they Seamlessly balance love, family and career endeavors.