Aesthetic Tribute

After 30 years of celebrating the world’s greatest art patrons and their cultural legacy, Montblanc’s Homage to Victoria & Albert will mark the final installment in their epic Patron Of Art collection.
Words by Zelda Grant | June 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

As avid supporters of the arts, the legacy of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert still echoes throughout world culture. Which is why Montblanc chose the couple as the monumental conclusion to their series of Patron Of Art masterpieces. This new collection of exquisite writing instruments encapsulates this royal couple’s lifetime together, charting her journey from young princess to ruler, alongside his transition to Prince Consort. The pen maker decided several years ago to make multiple editions, creating an opportunity to show off its métiers d’art, which includes engraving, stone setting, lacquering and pearl work. They are writing instruments that serve as a fitting conclusion to a series that started with a dynamic tribute to Lorenzo de Medici, and included notable luminaries from Hadrian to Peggy Guggenheim over the decades;