Multicultural Maestro 

H by H Beauty Owner & Senior Stylist Hisham Sahbane recounts his journey as a hair stylist and professional makeup artist, blending the mysterious beauty of North Africa with the high fashion of Paris.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | Photos // Edward Leal | April 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

Although Hisham Sahbane arrived in Miami without speaking a word of English, the language of fashion and art needed no translation. From a young age, growing up between Marrakesh and Paris, he always knew he would pursue his passion for hair styling and professional makeup. Now surrounded by Latino glitz and glam, the hair artist extraordinaire draws inspiration from the eclectic and vibrant styles of Miami’s exciting fashion scene. He credits this influence to the evolution of his craft, creating a new style that attracts high-profile patrons from every major sector and professional field in Miami and around the world. Becoming the owner of a salon, launching his own award-winning hair product brand, and witnessing his mother’s pride first-hand at his grand-opening ceremony are all cherished career milestones. The most rewarding part of being a hairstylist is the opportunity to express his creativity every day. “I love the artistic aspect of transforming someone’s look and helping them feel confident and beautiful,” he says. Today, he finds great joy in inviting and supporting other talented artists to partake in his grand vision at the salon;