Seriously Powerful

Dark Energy, famous for their innovative solar panels, manufactures power products for military, tactical, outdoor and everyday use. Portable power has never looked so good or been so rugged.
Bill Lindsey | April 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

The flagship Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Power Pack was built to last not days, not months but years — impressively holding a charge for 8 years or more due to patented technology that allows for an extremely low-idle drain. It also packs 10,200 mAh of energy in its lightweight, portable frame. It is nearly indestructible with an IP68 Waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged for over 45 minutes. What’s that power in real terms? 30+ hours for a smartphone, over 4 hours for a laptop, and 10+ hours for camera gear. It’s little brother, the Poseidon Nano is almost 40% smaller to fit in a pocket, yet features a hearty 3,000 mAh for up to 8 hours of smartphone use, 4+ hours for camping accessories, and 6+ hours for camera gear. To connect these devices, Dark Energy offers enhanced cables featuring multiple levels of armor that can handle up to 96 watts. Available in USB-C or Lightning cables, they are further protected inside 30ft of 550 lb. paracord. Want to use these bad boys in a more traditional setting? Dark Energy’s sleek 20-watt wall adapter offers dual USB-3A and USB-C ports for charging multiple devices at once;