Finding Balance 

Collaborating with Baptist Health, Belmont Village Coral Gables represents a revolutionary approach to senior housing through a variety of programs integrating the principles of well-being comfortably into the lives of its residents.
Words by Anja Malta | Photos by Zack Benson & Tom Sanders | June 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

When Evelyn Mendoza began noticing a change in her mother’s cognitive health, she went on a journey to find the right care for her — and was surprised by what she found. Her heart was set on keeping her mother at home, but after 3 years of trial and error in the form of various in-home care options, she was at a loss, eventually turning to Belmont Village Senior Living. There, her mother joined Circle of Friends, an immersive, daily program for residents with early-to-mid-stage dementia. It wasn’t the choice she expected to make, but she feels it was right for her and her mother. “I’m still amazed by how it’s impacted my mother’s state,” she says. “She’s more alert and present, with so many activities that she’s always participating in. She’s much happier here than she was in the last 3 years at home.” Now, Circle of Friends has arrived in Coral Gables. Belmont Village Coral Gables brings a new take on senior living to Miami through its unique partnership with Baptist Health South Florida. The luxury 10-story community combines hospitality with innovative programs and comprehensive clinical care to provide residents with everything they need to thrive; 786.730.3134;