Code Convergence

The latest immersive art installation at ARTECHOUSE is Future Sketches/Code Poems by renowned Artist, Researcher & Educator Zach Lieberman and his MIT Media Lab students. It takes the viewer into a mesmerizing exploration of coding and animation, and celebrates the convergence of art and technology. The exhibition is divided into 19 distinctive installations that allow visitors to explore how code plays a role in creativity. Throughout two floors of interactive installations, guests can try things such as amplifying their gestures; make drawings come to life; imagine what their voice might look like if they could see it; and transform silhouettes into music. Drawing from over a decade of work and research in media art, the exhibition explores how technology can transform the human body, voice, and gesture in expressive and imaginative ways and leaves viewers asking: “What does code feel like?”;

Gloves Up

Miami’s hottest new gallery WYN 317 recently presented Contenders, a solo exhibition by JC Rivera, a U.S.-based Puerto Rican contemporary artist who has spent the last decade creating one of the most uplifting and iconic street art brands in the world. His art leverages relatable characters including his signature works showcasing his signature “The Bear Champ.” As the most prolific street artist in Chicago, he has more commissioned murals than any other urban artist in the city, and is growing to accomplish similar notoriety in Miami. He has hosted national sponsorships with brands including American Express, Adidas, McDonald’s, Boost Mobile, the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls; — Photos by Jae Narvaez

All That Glam

The latest outpost of the famed restaurant concept in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Delilah Miami brings a modern-day supper club concept to Brickell. Swing by and jive through a deliciously nostalgic homage to the Roaring ‘20s. Complete with lavish chandeliers and plush interiors, Delilah’s vintage atmosphere perfectly complements the menu’s refined American fare. As the only Brickell restaurant with its own boat slips, it welcomes guests to moor, an accommodation catering to the comforts of the restaurant’s discerning — and very private — clientele, many of whom appreciate the restaurant’s “No Photos” policy. Eating, drinking and dancing converge as guests enjoy lounge-style bottle service and live entertainment as each evening unfolds. Elegant yet alluring, the charm and vivacious energy of Delilah embodies the decadence, glamour and sophistication of the Jazz Age, with a Magic City twist;