Miami Nice

There’s no doubt Sonny Crockett would come out of retirement to drive the newest Daytona, but he better hurry, as they’ll be gone quick.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 28, 2023 | Luxury

Based on the cars that took first, second and third at Le Mans in 1967, Ferrari set the automotive world on fire with the introduction of the Daytona in 1968, which then went on to become the star of Miami Vice (ok, fine, that was a replica, but it looked good either way!). The Daytona is back, more refined and more powerful than ever. Senior Designer Jason Furtado says the extremely aerodynamic exterior that looks like it is going 200 mph even standing still, was inspired by a stone skipping across the water. An 849-hp, 6.5 liter, V12 engine — Ferrari’s most powerful ever — ensures the Daytona drives as good as it looks. The cockpit is a claustrophobic’s nightmare, but perfect for those who buy the car to drive it as intended, enthusiastically with the engine roaring and the tires shrieking in protest. Only 599 will be built, making it immediately collectible;