Supreme Seat

The most important accessory in any office is the chair. Think about it — regardless of whether you're on the phone, reading e-mails or just idly looking out the window, most of the time you are doing so while seated.

Beautifully Bold

Nothing says success like having twenty Sirena 68 yachts already sold before the world debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival. The innovative Germán Frers hull design delivers world-class range by allowing displacement speeds for extended cruising, while encapsulating a cavernous volume of space that allows everyone onboard to spread out and get comfortable, but still be together in relaxed luxury.

Disappearing Act

The phrase, “now you see it, now you don’t” sums up LG’s incredible OLED R television. Unlike traditional TV sets that dominate the room, the OLED R’s 65” screen is only visible when you’re watching it.

Literary Genius

Author Jules Verne showed us how a pen can take you around the world. In honor of his visionary portrayal of the world’s first successful globetrotting adventure, Montblanc offers the Around The World In 80 Days collection.

Magic Carpet

A cool $5.5 million for a real magic carpet ready to whisk you around the globe is a deal few would pass on, which is exactly what you get in the form of the HondaJet Elite S.

Boulevard Beast

Sports sedans provide the best of all worlds, combining practicality with performance, as exemplified by Cadillac’s CT5-V Blackwing. As the last Cadillac sedan to be powered by a V8, it’s also collectible.

Lap(s) Of Luxury

The Concours Club sets the new standard for automotive country clubs worldwide. The members-only motorsport facility blends high-tech driving, impeccable service and luxury amenities within a spectacular resort setting.

Maximum Splendor

The Gucci Hortus Delicarum High Jewelry Collection is an exercise in modern decadence.

American Icon

While many fine timepieces are crafted in Europe, Hamilton has been creating superlative watches in the U.S. since 1892. The classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono, first launched in 1968, now features a modern and updated movement.

Easy Transport

Towing a boat, motorcycle or classic car on a trailer is easy — just connect and go. The problem is parking it while effectively communicating with whomever is helping you back it up!

Cycle Chic

Cycling is a great way to get your heart pumping while putting minimal impact on your joints.

Bootcamp Z

The Datsun 240Z created a sensation when it arrived on U.S. roads in 1969. The sleek, nimble two-seater easily out-performed Corvettes and Mustangs on the street and track. The new 400Z is all that and more.

Adventure Awaits

CL Yachts’ newest launch, the CLB88, combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for excellence. Designed to take on the world’s oceans in elegant style, it reinvents the term “motoryacht.”

Go For The Gold

Smartphones are not a long-term investment.

Luxury Getaway

Offering unparalleled interior and exterior living spaces, customization via different internal layout options and décor choices, maximum comfort, reliability and seaworthiness, and greater fuel and water capacity, enough for “real” long-range cruises, the Sirena 64 is the perfect family yacht.

Rise & Shine

Conventional wisdom says water and electricity don’t mix and boat hulls belong in the water. Navier, a Silicon Valley startup founded by two MIT-trained rocket scientists, is changing all that with their hydrofoil-equipped electric boat.

Worldly Bling

The intensity, the prismatic rays of a blazing afternoon sun inspires the stunning DeBeers Motlatse Marvel Necklace

Drive Time

A wristwatch is a unique opportunity to express your individuality and passion. As an example, a dive watch says you crave adventure. The Azimuth Gran Turismo tells the world you drive really fast cars.

Fun Sized

The original Mini Cooper was designed to be practical and affordable. As a happy bonus, it was a hoot to drive. The latest Mini proves good things come in small packages and surprises can be had at every turn.

RIBs to Go

If James Bond had a boat, it’d be the Technohull Omega 47. This luxurious RIB is sleek, fast and loaded with features. It’s an ideal “private island” for day cruises with Miss Moneypenny or overnight adventures.

Ultimate Bling

Cartier’s new Magnitude Collection is a meeting of materials and a collision of contrasts.

Bespoke Supercar

In the early days of cars, luxury cars featured bodies — coachwork — built to a customer’s exact specifications, which they then dropped onto a chassis and engine supplied by Rolls-Royce, Cadillac and many other manufacturers.

Experiential Escape

Inspired by Japanese forest bathing — or shinrin-yoku — the Stillness Bath is designed to relax your mind, soothe your body, and renew your spirit with spa-grade relaxation that transports you to an entirely refreshed wavelength.

Sea Limo

The next time you are in a traffic jam, consider this: You can get pretty much anywhere in South Florida via the water for at least a portion of the journey. The Onda 321L assures you arrive in style.

Feel The Breeze

Family road trips have sadly gone the way of the corded telephone. But several days spent on the road in a cramped minivan can quickly turn an adventure into an ordeal. The Rolls-Royce Dawn may be the solution.

Ocean Living

One’s yacht is a veritable private island with access limited to friends and family. It’s social distancing at its finest. Our curated list allows you to choose the floating paradise that ideally fits your needs.

Soaring High

Grand Seiko celebrates its 60th Anniversary looking to the past and the future. From the Sport Collection, the SBGE263 U.S. Limited Edition honors the ambitious vision of the brand’s founding team of watchmakers, while the GS9 Club is a first-ever virtual community for avid U.S. collectors.

Smooth Cruise

The 16th Century Italian writer Baldassare Castiglione coined the term “sprezzatura” to describe effortless elegance. It now serves as the perfect description of Castagnola’s Heritage 9.9.

Soar Free

The UH-18SP HoverCraft is the ultimate way to social distance.

Italian Touch

For most car manufacturers, the term “entry level” conjures up images of cardboard headliners, sticky vinyl upholstery and a 47-hp engine. Ferrari’s new Roma puts a different spin on the term.

Deep Diver

Tag Heuer dive watches are the horological equivalents of a Land Rover — stylish, tough and reliable. This new Tag is the equivalent of the Bowler-tuned Land Rover; just as reliable but with very notable upgrades.

Tender Triumph

In the world of acting, the understudy dreams of outshining the star yet rarely does. In the world of yachting, a lowly tender outshining a superyacht has never happened. Alia’s new Atlantico changes all that.

Portable Art

Pens, like wristwatches and bespoke pocket knives, are examples of portable art.

Grand Advances

Three innovations set the revolutionary Caliber 9SA5 apart: The Dual Impulse Escapement, Grand Seiko’s Free-sprung Balance, and the Horizontal Gear Train. Add in a powerful new look and it’s a fitting completion to Grand Seiko’s exciting 60th Anniversary celebration.

Perfect Pairing

There are many cars that look fast, but in actuality are slower than a sloth. On the other hand, the AMG GT drives as good as it looks…and it looks amazing!

Divine Clean

Dislike doing laundry? Tired of endless trips to the dry cleaner? “Hire” yourself a personal dry cleaner in the form of the clever Samsung Air Dresser. It’s the secret to looking consistently picture-perfect.

Bright Idea

Luminor, the substance that allows us to read our watches in the dark, was discovered 70 years ago. To celebrate, Panerai has drenched the timepiece that bears its name.

New Classic

Just like all Hylas sailboats before it, the new 57 combines sleek exterior lines with classic teak interiors. A closer look reveals how it maintains the traditional Hylas look while incorporating major improvements.

Supersonic Attitude

More than 50 years since the first Concorde flight, and 17 since its last journey, Boom rolls out the XB-1 with the intent to make supersonic flight the new standard.

Pedal Proud

The House of Solid Gold has created the world’s first 24K Gold Mountain Bike.


Shimmer & Shine

With the social season in full swing, Miami VIPs took their RSVPs to the next level with special occasions galore.

Power Perspective

We scoured The Magic City to bring you Outstanding Latino Visionaries who look toward their heritage as inspiration, honoring their culture through a strong work ethic, deeply rooted family values and career achievements that are sure to inspire generations to come.