Sea Or Sky

Describing the Air Yacht as unique is a massive understatement. A yacht that’s also a dirigible? That’s straight out of a James Bond movie, but is about to become reality.
Words by Bill Lindsey | February 23, 2022 | Luxury

Recognized for their eye-popping yachts, Lazzarini Design Studio presents the Air Yacht, an outstanding example of what can be created when imaginations are allowed free reign. The Air Yacht combines sensuously flowing lines that split the water at a stately 6 knots before rising up into the air. A flying catamaran superyacht is the best of all things; a 260-foot outfitted for the ultimate in comfort, with the stability only a catamaran can provide, complete with twin 500-foot helium-filled lifting bodies. Electric motors powered by integral solar panels propel the vessel through the skies at 60 knots for up to 48 hours. A helipad is provided to ensure the owner and guests fast access to points ashore. The Air Yacht concept combines the decadent traveling style of 1930s’ dirigibles with the amenities only a superyacht can deliver. This is indeed traveling in style;