Little Ferrari

There are many quick and easy ways to get from Point A to Point B, but for those who want a bit more, there’s the Ferrari Testa Rossa J from the UK’s Little Car Company.
Words by Bill Lindsey | January 26, 2022 | Luxury

Miami is awash with golf carts lugging around laughing kids, barking dogs, and moms ready to brunch. Having escaped the confines of the golf course, these vehicles have proven their efficiency as people-movers. The problem is they often resemble something driven by Fred Flinstone. The solution is the 3/4 scale 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa J designed in collaboration with Ferrari using original plans. Built of hand-beaten aluminum just like the originals and painted in the same colors chosen by Enzo Ferrari himself, these replicas offer the thrill of the originals. Seated behind the authentic Nardi steering wheel, the driver views a dashboard with a speedometer, battery charge level, energy delivered, engine temperature and battery gauges. A dial allows the selection of one of 4 driving modes: Novice, Comfort, Sport and Racing. Novice mode allows 1kW of power for 15 mph speeds (coolest of all, this option can be remotely controlled!), while race mode unleashes the full 12kW of power for speeds up to 50 mph. Tell mom and the kids to keep their cart, this one is for you and the dog;