Issue – February 2022

PR Power

For more than 30 years, Kreps PR & Marketing has been a valued, strategic communications partner to some of the most recognized and celebrated brands in the world as creative storytellers, brand-builders, relationship-makers and idea-generators.

Deep Dive

Once you’ve conquered everything above water, it’s time to take the plunge!

Soiree Impact

Making a difference can be accomplished in many ways — and if there’s anything Miami knows how to do is give back!

Design Mind

Diana Rossi’s style is defined by her diverse cultural background and life experiences, which enables her to express herself through color, cultural influence and intentionally constructed visions of experiential “paradises.”

Tropical Escape

For a Staycation to remember in The Sunshine State, The Palm Beaches offers a sampling of all the things that make South Florida one of the world’s most sought-after destinations: Sun, sea, shopping, fine dining, world-class accommodations and Everything in between.

Life Of The Party

Whether the wardrobe calls for black-tie, cocktail, tropical chic, Miami modern and everything in between — these looks will guarantee you and your better half are the most interesting people at the party.

Power Of Love

Successful couples sidestep distractions and embrace challenges to establish the perfect love-work balance.

Little Ferrari

There are many quick and easy ways to get from Point A to Point B, but for those who want a bit more, there’s the Ferrari Testa Rossa J from the UK’s Little Car Company.

Imaging Above

DJI pioneered the folding drone category a few years back with the launch of the original Mavic Pro that fit in a backpack. The new Mavic 3 creates unprecedented aerial possibilities for flight, photography, and fun.

Pocket Explorer

Emocean’s owners did well to join forces with Rosetti to create this one-of-a-kind superyacht. The result is a vessel with no-compromises ocean-crossing capability in complete comfort.

Optical Brilliance

Canon’s EOS VR System takes creativity to the next level and immerses viewers in a whole new dimension through a stereoscopic 3D 180° VR world.

Haute Club

Surrounded by breathtaking ocean vistas, The Ocean Club features exceptional resort-style amenities, coveted accommodations and unsurpassed views — all conveniently located within 30 minutes from the urban core, the airport and all the perks of living in the center of it all.

Best Brews

BrewDemon’s revolutionary Small-Batch Conical Fermenting System takes home brews into a whole new realm of quality and flavor as it allows you to brew your beer just like the pros.

Amped Riding

The Kenevo is a freakishly confident beast. The bike’s long cockpit, slack head angle, and low center of gravity make it easy to maintain speed in dicey conditions, which is essential given its turbo power.

Fantasy Façade

The Casa Batllò Pen started as a tribute to Catalan architect Antoni Gaudì’s masterpiece and became a work of art in its own right.

Party Atmosphere

In the heart of Brickell, Rosario dishes up a taste of Latin America, gipsy–disco sounds and refreshing cocktails & flavors.

Fabulously Evolved

The Chanel N°5 legend, a century in the making, has reached a new pinnacle in the brand’s latest High Jewelry Collection. The star of the show is a necklace that’s so exclusive, it’s not for sale.

New View

Retired professional skateboarder Danny Minnick was recognized globally for his dark and mysterious artwork inspired by his unceasing pain. Then he saw the specialists at Miami-based Vitruvia and his art has done a total 180.

Crypto Smart

Whether you embrace it or Loathe the idea, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. As with every investment, the benefits are balanced out by associated risks. Suzanne DeWitt helps clients navigate these complex financial waters.

Singlehand Symphony

If you think about it, a sundial has just one hand, yet can display the exact time. So, while most wristwatches have two hands, one can suffice as evidenced by the unique MeisterSinger Lunascope.


You can usually tell that a person is good if they have a dog who loves them

Electric Air

Rolls-Royce engineers and scientists set out to build a high-performance electric aeroplane unlike anything the world had ever seen. The zero-emission Spirit of Innovation is the outstanding result.

Beyond Sleep

Mastering good sleep begins with understanding it. The HiAm Bed remembers favorite positions, tracks sleep patterns and has a smart alarm to wake you refreshed every time. But wait! It’s also a home movie theater!

Shine On!

The recurring cancellations and reschedules of last year aside, February has traditionally been the most jam-packed month in Miami.


Philanthropic Champions

Giving back is essential for building stronger communities, fostering empathy and inspiring the next generation. It cultivates a sense of responsibility and creates opportunities for those in need. Ultimately, it enriches both the giver and the receiver in ways that only those who experience altruism for themselves can understand.

Home Away From Home

Supporting health and wellness through lodging, meals, activities and a community of care for critically ill children and their families who need to be near a hospital for treatment, Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida.