New View

Retired professional skateboarder Danny Minnick was recognized globally for his dark and mysterious artwork inspired by his unceasing pain. Then he saw the specialists at Miami-based Vitruvia and his art has done a total 180.
Words by Stacy Wynn | January 26, 2022 | People

Throughout most of his art career, Danny Minnick was actually living in insurmountable ankle pain due to skateboarding injuries and a 10-foot ladder fall that left bones, ligaments and tendons in disarray. In fact, he was in so much pain, he lacked mobility and it was affecting his ability to be on his feet for work. That’s when a friend recommended he see the specialists at Miami-based Vitruvia. Minnick immediately felt some of the pain subside after the first session, something that was unimaginable for him since he’d gotten used to the idea of living in pain forever. The most shocking part was what happened next. Improved health lead to a clearer head, and it translated to his artwork. The more relief he got from the ongoing sessions, the more his paintings became cheerful, bright and happy. His works, once dark and disturbed, have now transformed with a sunnier outlook. Dark, black, cloudy, rainy and depressing scenes have been quickly replaced with sunshine, hearts, smiles and hugs, all thanks to the power of perspective;