Best Brews

BrewDemon’s revolutionary Small-Batch Conical Fermenting System takes home brews into a whole new realm of quality and flavor as it allows you to brew your beer just like the pros.
Words by Stacy Wynn | January 26, 2022 | Lifestyle

Equipment matters, particularly when it comes to crafting your own signature brew. The clever conical design of the BrewDemon reduces the amount of spent yeast contacting the finished beer, while the tall, smooth finish helps maintain a consistent flow during bottling, right down to the last bottle. A unique venting plug allows CO2 to escape while keeping harmful contaminants out. The adjustable flow tap features an easy on/off function as well as an adjustable flow rate to make bottling your beer a snap. You’re only limited by your imagination as the company offers all the ingredients to make your blends world-class, whether it’s an IPA, Irish Stout, Weizenbier, Hellfire Deep Red Ale or any other cerveza you’re in the mood for. They also offer hard cider kits;