Beyond Sleep

Mastering good sleep begins with understanding it. The HiAm Bed remembers favorite positions, tracks sleep patterns and has a smart alarm to wake you refreshed every time. But wait! It’s also a home movie theater!
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 26, 2022 | Luxury

The HiAm Bed is the oasis of rest and well-being in which to remember the ancient meaning of otium, intended as a primary source of creativity for personal fulfillment. The concept of embodies the fundamental importance of the time dedicated to us for personal growth. In this sense, the new bed becomes “I Am” to celebrate the human being who, as in ancient Rome, should be, first of all, dedicated to the development of their person. With a press of a button on the native iOS app, this architectural masterpiece jets into the 21st Century. You can track your sleep on a daily basis; get feedback on how to improve your habits, set smart alarms and create your own favorite scenarios to facilitate your falling asleep, awakening, relaxing, meditating, reading or watching. You can also manage ambient lights, reading lights, side curtains, motorized bed bases, fragrances and a high-fidelity audio/video system. Best of all, you can enjoy a private cinema experience simply by rolling over;