Design Mind

Diana Rossi’s style is defined by her diverse cultural background and life experiences, which enables her to express herself through color, cultural influence and intentionally constructed visions of experiential “paradises.”

Diana Rossi


She has lived her life around the world, always near an ocean and is continually inspired by the majestic nature of the sea. “Color, texture, sound and the constantly changing environment all inspire my designs and concepts,” she says. “Here in South Florida, I’m always amazed at the way people embrace the ‘beach life’ and express their interests and passions through architecture, music, food, family and the like.” It definitely keeps her inspired as she continues to expand the Margaritaville brands of resorts, restaurants and in the near future, the Margaritaville Cruise Line. As a young married couple living in Argentina, she and her husband found and “adopted” a baby penguin they found stranded on the beach. “We soon found out he was a King Penguin (as in gigantic!) and quickly grew to his full size as he proceeded to eat every available fish in our local market — he even adopted our swimming pool as his permanent home,” she laughs. “Needless to say we learned never to bring a King Penguin to the office!” Currently, The McBride Company has a wide variety of projects in the works — from all-inclusive luxury resorts for major entertainment brands to small-scale unique dispensaries throughout the Sunshine State and across the U.S. “Realizing that our design vision can’t be seen by anyone other than ourselves, it’s important to use imagery, words, textures, sounds and even aromas to convey ideas from the start of every project,” she says. “It’s truly our guiding light working closely with clients throughout the development of every project.”;