Thin Wins

Watch aficionados searching for the Next Great Thing will be intrigued by what is, for the moment. the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.
Words by Bill Lindsey | August 29, 2022 | Luxury

While Richard Mille is well-known for creating timepiece horologic masterpieces, Ferrari is not, yet their joint venture has created an amazing piece of engineering, something at which both firms excel. The result is a limited run of 150 timepieces utilizing a case a mere 1.75mm thick to protect the 1.18mm mechanism. The dial, adorned with the iconic Ferrari prancing horse logo, resembles an instrument panel, with one window displaying the time while the other provides a view of the mechanism in action. Two portals allow the user to set the time and wind up the mechanism, which is self-winding when being worn or placed on a winder. A rugged rubber strap keeps it securely in place as you drive your Ferrari at wide-open throttle;