Definitive De-Stresser

Young executives work hard and play hard — and they understand the importance of rejuvenating the soul in between!

For those who want to do it in outrageous style, the Lamborghini Massage Chair does more than provide extraordinary massages, it recreates the sensation of driving in a luxury supercar. Built as a joint venture with renowned massage chair manufacturer Bodyfriend, the 4D massage system features rollers, airbags (no not the car safety ones, these provide an amazing sore muscle workout), and complex massaging with warmth that recognizes the user’s body shape to provide a personalized massage. Multi-channel surround sound furthers the immersive experience with 8 speakers playing Virtual 5.1 channel stereo music or binaural beats for brain massages based on the user’s stress levels. LED mood lighting rounds out the treatment to ready you for your next cutthroat board meeting;