Issue – May/June 2022

Complex Magnificence

The world is quite literally on your wrist with the Breguet Marine Hora Mundi 5557. Crafted of white gold, this unique timepiece makes a powerful statement about your sense of style.

Highest Potential

Riviera Schools offers students the opportunity to realize their full potential while preparing them for success in college and beyond, empowering students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Definitive De-Stresser

Young executives work hard and play hard — and they understand the importance of rejuvenating the soul in between!

Better Than Ever

MiamiaNS headed out to make an impact on the world like never before, benefitTing the community and countless lives through their words, actions and pocketbookS.

Father Knows Best

Meet a few of Miami’s Most Outstanding Dads and find out what fatherhood means to them and how they balance it all by always putting family first.

Crypto Future

The world is Rapidly changing and the Business Technology Department at Miami Herbert is helping students and businesspeople keep up with cutting-edge courses that cover emerging business technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency and platforms ecosystems.

Top 20 Professionals Under Forty

We scoured The Magic City to bring you the next generation of leaders at the tip of The Sunshine State. These young professionals represent a variety of industries and excel at their respective fields with their own unique signature blend of style, savvy and sophistication.

Secure Spirits

Some collect their favorite whiskies to share tasting notes with friends, some store rare bottles anticipating value will skyrocket. Either way, whisky is truly artwork in a bottle — something to both show off and protect.

Creator Studios

HGAB Studios supports creators throughout their careers by providing all the tools needed to take their practice to the next level in an inspiring, approachable and affordable manner.

Caring Community

Voices For Children believes that every abused, abandoned and neglected child deserves to be heard. They Also go a giant step further to provide direct financial support for health, educational, emotional and social needs.

Live Life

With a splash pool featuring an interacitve water feature, a trio of private movie theaters and play, sports and game rooms, every day is Family Fun Day at Panorama Tower.

Classic Tunes

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Beogram 4000 Series turntables, the luxury Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen created a new, highly limited-edition music system exclusively for the U.S. and Canada.

Tempting Treats

Biting into a Cloud 9 dessert is like sinking your teeth into a little bit of heaven. Each divine mixture of fresh ingredients creates a unique and authentic mouthwatering experience.

Hybrid Stallion

Just uttering the word “Ferrari” stirs the soul, evoking images of graceful cars blurring the scenery as they blast around the track, leaving in their wake the shriek of a high-performance engine. The new 296 GTB is all that and much more.

NFT Gallery

Blackdove is the future of digital art installations — an elegant user experience allowing purchasing, subscriptions and display in physical environments.

Sky-High Sophistication

Curated to the pinnacle of architecture and design, all aspects of The St. Regis Residences Miami reimagine the brand’s iconic look and feel through a unique Magic City lens.


Just look at that face! Blackie, an 11-year-old Schnauzer Mix, is a real charmer.

Haute Urban

Two state-of-the-art Arquitectonica-designed buildings combine to create a one-of-a-kind living experience on Biscayne Bay.

Write Way

Developed in collaboration with engineers at Politecnico Di Milano, the Age Of Discovery pen marks the first wayfinding complication to ever be featured on a Montegrappa writing instrument.

Interpreting Dreams

Tankoa Yachts’ T760 Apache combines luxury and nature. An object of sea-going beauty, it balances interior and exterior spaces, lavishness and light to create a bespoke palace at sea.
Jorge Arauz

Lead the way

When I was in elementary school, I won almost every essay contest and was a Spelling Bee champ.


Sunny Medicine

Irina Logman always dreamed of bringing her holistic approach to tropical Miami, where she proudly works to introduce health-conscious young professionals to the medicinal practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine for optimal results.

Lasting Legacy

Tibor Hollo, a visionary figure in Miami’s development, leaves a remarkable legacy as a pioneer in urban development who recognized the potential for vertical growth in Downtown Miami.