NFT Gallery

Blackdove is the future of digital art installations — an elegant user experience allowing purchasing, subscriptions and display in physical environments.
Words by Zelda Grant | April 28, 2022 | Lifestyle

Now in a digital format, art is sharable like never before — instantly and globally. Revolutionary software from Blackdove allows NFT owners to securely store, manage and display their digital art collections. A quick pairing of your crypto wallet begins the import process to securely store your assets and format them for the best viewing experience. Build a collection and set the rotating timing on any display in the world for playback. “Modern homeowners are selecting digital art for their homes and apartments, we strive to perfect that experience in both technology and aesthetic,” says Blackdove Creative Director Ana Carolina Gonzalez. By promoting the artwork of Blackdove’s 400+ and growing artist community of 20,000 subscribers, stakeholders can monetize their holdings to earn monthly recurring revenue. Want to check it out for yourself? Their fabulous new gallery space just opened in Wynwood;