Interpreting Dreams

Tankoa Yachts’ T760 Apache combines luxury and nature. An object of sea-going beauty, it balances interior and exterior spaces, lavishness and light to create a bespoke palace at sea.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | April 28, 2022 | Luxury

Relaxation and socializing reach new heights on the glamorous Tankoa T760 Apache. The sumptuous main deck saloon is a spacious, welcoming space that embodies comfort and is filled with light. This is the T760 at its most convivial, a hub for socializing with direct access to the large outdoor terrace or down to the beach area via the wide central staircase that serves as the main route from the lower deck beach club, to the main deck and the upper deck. The result is a double-deck mezzanine effect that floods the beach deck with natural light from above, thanks to the ingenious cut-out in the roof. The infinity aft view and side foldable terraces create a capacious, exclusive upscale resort-style beach club. The spacious owner’s suite continues the dazzling design. It’s a space of sublime comfort, boasting a water runway that extends to a breathtaking flying pool. To swim in the 9.5 metre suspended pool is to fly through water, in essence swimming through the yacht. The flying pool is positioned directly above the bow gym atrium, an energetic space for owner and guests to work out or kick back while enjoying a delightful panorama. It’s just another of the many never-before-seen luxury features by Alberto Mancini;