Creator Studios

HGAB Studios supports creators throughout their careers by providing all the tools needed to take their practice to the next level in an inspiring, approachable and affordable manner.

Renting a studio often seems out of reach for creators, but there comes a point when you simply can no longer work or practice out of your home. HGAB Studios contains multiple state-of-the-art photography, video and podcast studios integrated within their shared workspace. It’s become the life force for Miami’s most prominent creators. “We realized that professional studio spaces and equipment were not accessible to digital artists — for many, it was almost as if they had to take this enormous leap before they could start creating in an industry-standard studio with top-of-the-line gear,” says CEO Kendrick Vasquez, who along with Co-Founders Mariana Diaz, Biscayne Boeck and Christian Vivas, built a place where creators could flourish within their craft and leave their mark on the industry. “We set out to change that and provide a space where even those who were just starting out could check-in often to develop their craft.” As you walk through the 10,000-sq.-ft. facility, past the slogan “Creators Live Here,” the sound of collaboration can be heard echoing vividly throughout the space;