Hybrid Stallion

Just uttering the word “Ferrari” stirs the soul, evoking images of graceful cars blurring the scenery as they blast around the track, leaving in their wake the shriek of a high-performance engine. The new 296 GTB is all that and much more.
Words by Bill Lindsey | April 28, 2022 | Luxury

While some high-performance vehicles continue to grow in size, the athletically trimmed Ferrari 296 GTB remains true to its roots, paying homage to the iconic Dino 246 and the Berlinetta concept car. The mid-engine design utilizes a twin-turbocharged 120-degree V6 with a racing heritage that produces an astounding 645 hp, as well as a rear-mounted electric motor that adds an additional 174 hp to ensure instantaneous response to the throttle. The combination of powerplants produces a total of 819 hp, delivering the audio soundtrack of a V12, yet with less weight, less complexity and more manageable street and track manners. The exterior is Italian poetry, low, lithe and shaped to slice through the air like a rapier. The minimalist interior is designed to inspire confidence on even the twistiest roads at wide open throttle, without compromising on comfort or style. The driver has a clear view of the engine gauges as well as an unimpeded view of the road in front, as well as what it has left far, far behind;