Precision Helper

Everybody needs an extra hand now and then. How about an A.I.-powered arm that will give you the best and most precise results in a large variety of creative and technical tasks as well as everyday life? Yes, please!
Words by Stacy Wynn | March 29, 2022 | Luxury

Robotic arms are changing lives in industry, medicine, space exploration and now home life. The compact Huenit, which expects to begin shipping models in Summer 2022, was designed to do everything from stirring a pot on the stove to turning your ideas into reality using A.I., 3D, lasers and robotics. With the 3D tool attached, it replaces the need for a separate small 3D printer. Attach the high-power laser and you can cut and engrave on a number of materials, including wood, leather and fabric, very useful for artists and crafters. Illustrators and designers will be most interested in the uber-precise pen-holder module; while those who need a different tool that’s not part of any of the pre-determined options will enjoy the Creator Module, which encourages the creation of customized modules for any purpose they need, like a phone holder. Best of all, the Huenit changes its own tools out seamlessly to do the work of 2-3 arms;