Anime Tribute

True fans of the popular Japanese anime series known as Lupin III don’t miss any details about the title character, including his choice of watches, which as luck would have it, is a Zenith chronograph.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 29, 2022 | Luxury

Astute manufacturers pay attention when their products unexpectedly show up in movies, TV shows or social media, and watchmaker Zenith is no exception. When the title character of a popular anime series was shown wearing Zenith chronographs that did not exist at the time, they created them. The first example had a black, grey and gilt dial; the second a distinctive black and white dial, earning it the nickname “Panda.” The third and final edition combines them both. The two colors are applied separately, a time-consuming process that delivers the dramatic appearance. The dial is then paired with a reproduction of a 1969 Zenith case housing an automatic calibre chronograph movement. A steel ladder bracelet keeps it all in place. What began as a drawing sprang to life, delighting watch collectors and anime fans alike. A limited edition of only 250 pieces will be produced;