Excess Exemplified

Ever since the first Bugatti Veyron rolled out of the factory, the pressure was on to create an even more intense supercar. The Chiron easily met the challenge, but sadly, marks the end of an era.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 29, 2022 | Luxury

The 1,001-hp, 16-cyclinder, 253-mph $1.2 million Veyron was an amazing car, but now there’s the Chiron Super Sport. Bugatti has once again set the bar. Powered by a 16-cyclinder engine with four turbochargers producing 1,500-hp and a top speed limited to 273 mph, this $4.3 million supercar is the very image of delightful excess. Most drivers will never fully experience wide-open throttle performance due to a lack of places where it can be legally opened up, but it’s nice to know it’s there. The car’s velvety transmission, confidence-inspiring suspension and a remarkably good view in all directions from behind the wheel makes it a hoot to drive on I-95 and across the Rickenbaker Causeway, triggering stares from almost every other car on the road as this snarling beast promenades by. The good news is that this is one of the most magnificent automobiles on the planet; the bad news is Bugatti’s new majority shareholder is taking it in an EV direction, effectively bringing the Chiron era to an end. The 2022 production is limited to just a mere 500, making the owner’s club very exclusive indeed;