Haute Monde

Combining Rolls-Royce’s engineering pedigree and long-standing dedication to creating the ultimate entertaining experiences, the Cellarette Whiskey & Cigar Chest makes every occasion momentous.
Words by Bill Lindsey | December 28, 2021 | Luxury

From time to time, venerable brand Rolls-Royce creates bespoke collectible pieces that reflect the perfect balance of luxury and quality workmanship that we see in their high-style, impeccably detailed cars. At $55,000, their latest offering — the Cellerette — costs more than a mid-range car, but you get your money’s worth. The Cellarette’s rich Havana leather exterior is complete with handcrafted detailing. Within this exclusively designed whiskey and cigar suitcase, hand-blown crystal glasses are put on a radiant display, illuminated by the soft glow of clever interior lighting. The humidor unit is delicately crafted from refined Spanish Cedar Wood, complete with a unique hygrometer gauge feature referencing the iconic Phantom Gallery Clock. The Cellarette’s lighter is accompanied by a S.T. Dupont cigar cutter, with both items plated in precious metal and kept inside an elegant, leather-trimmed compartment. Snack bowls replace this feature in the non-smoking model;