Big Screen

C Seed changed television viewing forever with their $1.5 million, 301-inch folding and vanishing model. They’re back with the N1 for an affordable (relatively speaking!) yet equally magnificent alternative starting at $190,000.
Words by Zelda Grant | August 29, 2022 | Luxury

Is the C Seed N1 a minimalist sculpture? A kinetic work of art? It’s both. Initially invisible, the N1 suddenly grows huge, rising up, unfolding its 4K MicroLED screen and settling on a metal base of timeless elegance. “Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate the latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern or totally avant-garde,” explains C SEED CEO Alexander Swatek. With its screen able to rotate 180 degrees left and right, it adjusts smoothly to all viewing situations. It also features 4K MicroLED technology and HDR10+ support. A physical screen surface coating helps to produce truest blacks and amazingly vibrant colors with practically no glare. It also comes with an integrated speaker system (twin 100-watt broadband speakers), helping create an immersive audio-visual experience. Available in 103-inch, 137-inch and 165-inch screens;