Sound Rebel

Adios, stereo. With Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, sound sources are placed on a 360 sphere that surrounds the listener and creates an immersive experience.
Words by Stacy Wynn | March 29, 2022 | Luxury

As real as being at a live concert or with an artist recording in a studio, Sony ushers in smooth sounds with the 360 Reality Audio wireless speaker with ambient room-filling sound. Like the background music in your favorite café, it’s calm and unobtrusive, with sound diffused both horizontally and vertically to create just the right atmosphere anywhere in your home. Because 360 Reality Audio tracks incorporate 3D sound location data, they’re able to deliver the ultimate in ambient sound. Want to listen to your existing stereo tracks? Not a problem. Immersive Audio Enhancement, a unique Sony algorithm, effectively upscales them to ambient room-filling sound as well;