Eternal Shine

Inspired by Harry Winton’s regal legacy and noble jewels of the past, the “King of Diamonds” has created one-of-a-kind suites that take inspiration from exquisite royal renderings with a contemporary approach: The Royal Adornments Collection.

The Princess Suiteis a contemporary spin on a sentimental jewel, a reimagining of a stunning diamond necklace Harry Winston created for a young royal princess in 1977, on the occasion of her “Sweet 16” birthday. The Duchess Suite was inspired by the Duchess of Windsor, who was incredibly passionate about the world’s rarest diamonds and precious colored gemstones, particularly yellow diamonds. The Viscountess Suite pays tribute to Winston’s work in the ‘50s and ’60s, when the House created many bespoke jewels for royal families across the globe, featuring the beloved gem sapphires. How better to treat your love than like a queen?;