Trophy Eyewear

Fin-Nor, the first choice in offshore fishing tackle, is now also the leader in performance sunglasses with a wide array of models that enhance vision on and off the water.
Words by Bill Lindsey | September 26, 2023 | Luxury

The brand Fin-Nor got its start in 1936 when Fred Grieten built a reel at Miami’s Finley-Norwood machine shop designed specifically for saltwater big game fishing. Now the leading manufacturer of premium offshore fishing tackle, the firm has set its sights on eye protection. Utilizing proprietary Lateral Line Lens Technology, Fin-Nor sunglasses enhance and sharpen vision by means of distortion-free lenses. Starting with optical-grade plastic or mineral glass, each lens receives 7 layers of protective coatings that combine to deliver clear, crisp vision even under the most challenging conditions, while also protecting eyes from harsh UV rays. A variety of lenses are offered to suit low-light or haze conditions, or bright sunlight. All are set into frames engineered to provide all-day comfort, with top and side sun shields and spring hinges paired to co-molded rubber tips to stay secure while fighting a trophy billfish. Because one size does not fit all, the wide array of frame styles allows for a perfect fit so you look good wherever your H2O adventures take you;