Celestial Time

Is it a piece of art or an amazing timepiece? The answer is “YES,” as this incredibly detailed Hybris Artistica Calibre 845 from Jaeger-LeCoultre blends creativity with engineering excellence.
Words by Bill Lindsey | February 23, 2023 | Luxury

Who needs a day/date window when you can have the heavens? The artisans of Jaager-LeCoultre quite literally set their sights on the stars with the design of the Hybris Artistica Calibre 845, a virtual observatory on a wrist. In addition to accurately displaying the time, the mechanical movement drives the hand-crafted multi-level dial to track the movement of the Northern Hemisphere’s night skies as seen from the 46th Parallel — the latitude of the Swiss firm’s headquarters, along with a view of the timepiece’s inner workings. The rotating, intricate map of the night sky is reproduced via the 16th Century grisillae enamel technique, framed by an atomium filigree. Beneath the mesmerizing view of the ski, the skeletonized dial reveals the inner workings of the timepiece. To make it even more unique, the mechanism drives a chiming minute repeater. This is truly wearable art;