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One of the most innovative solutions to reduce signs of aging in the skin as well as heal the body is through stem cell therapy. Read on to get The 411 on this revolutionary treatment.
Text by Dr. Kristopher “Sean” Goddard | March 9, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness


1. What are stem cells? They are the origin for all organs and tissues and have the unique ability to replicate and become any kind of cells: muscle, pancreatic, nerve, heart…virtually anything!

2. What can they do? Reduce inflammation, fighting cellular death, stop or even reverse the aging process, and revert damaged tissue, joints, ligaments and tendons to their healthy original state.

3. How are they obtained? By extraction from your bone marrow or adipose tissue, or by obtaining stem cells from another individual through an FDA-approved process.

4. How is the procedure performed? Either through a minimal in-office procedure or the cells come ready to use through an FDA-approved process.

5. How are they injected for injury? The cells are directly injected to ligaments, tendons or joints to create the most powerful healing response and regeneration of tissue possible.

6. How are they injected for anti-aging? Via local injections to the face to regrow collagen, hair and improve unwanted blemishes and wrinkles.

7. When will I see results? This varies on the severity of injury or disease. With pain and musculoskeletal injuries, typical improvements are noted in the first 2 weeks.

8. How many treatments will I need? This varies depending on the severity of injury.

9. Is the treatment long-lasting? Stem cells regenerate tissue. As long as the injury is not too severe, this treatment will last until the next injury.

10. Am I a candidate? No procedure is for everyone. A consultation must be done to see if the treatment is right for you.


Dr. Kristopher “Sean” Goddard is Certified in Interventional & Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine by AAOM and faculty with two training organizations: TOBI and AOAPRM. He has practiced regenerative medicine for 8 years with offices in Florida and Tennessee;