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Ever eager to provide the latest and greatest for his clients, Hair By Hisham’s founder wows Miami with H-Pro Extensions.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 18, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Let’s face it: Maintaining a chic coiffe in our particularly tropical climes takes more than a little effort. From poolside tangles to the ever-present frizz, anyone who’s attempted to maintain a luxurious salon-fresh look for more than a few hours knows the truth: Living in paradise comes with a price. Eager to ensure his clients look their best no matter how long it’s been since they’ve walked out of the shop, Hair By Hisham’s founder’s globetrotting career has come up with one simple answer to all our Magic City tress stresses: Russian virgin hair extensions H-Pro. “When (fellow salon worker) Jamal Shami approached me with these extensions he was introduced to in Europe, I was skeptical,” says Hisham. “I was ultimately convinced the moment I saw it with my own eyes!” Guaranteed to never tangle (even in the pool) and the only brand that can be successfully re-used, Hisham’s time-tested team and industry-leading technique ensure you’ll be trellously hooked for life;