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Let’s be real, we all want to get fit and healthy with the least amount of effort possible. Fortunately, these products claim they can help us reach our health goals without exertion or diet. Here’s an ode to a few of the most hilariously ridiculous health products of all time.


What would you do for healthier, younger-looking skin with a flawlessly rosy complexion? Now there’s no jumping through beauty hurdles. Dermarose has harnessed the benefits of the Swiss Rose Stem Cells into a supremely hydrating, anti-aging face cream.

“…But It’s My First Time!”

Everyone has to start somewhere — isn’t that what they say? We’ll, I clearly remember my first yoga class ever. I wasn’t sure how or why I ended up there, but if Jennifer Aniston could rock a yoga body, why couldn’t I? So I laid my mat at the back of the class, hoping I could go unnoticed and the hamster inside of my mind kicked into high-gear. Warning: The following thoughts were a product of dehydration. I take no responsibility for any of it.

Aging Gracefully

With age comes wisdom, and some undesired consequences to our skin. It loses its luster, may start to sag, and lines and wrinkles will inevitably start to develop. These changes depend on genetics, sun exposure, smoking history, health status and other considerations.


When it comes to taking care of your physique, there’s plenty you can do to make sure your wellness is at its best, no matter what your goals. The secret lies in making a plan and sticking to it.

Sun, Sand & Beauty

We’ve kissed the winter blues goodbye, now it’s time to ready your bikini and beach attire, take trips to exotic destinations and make sure you’re stocked up on essential beauty products that will have you glowing more radiantly than the sun.


Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or just want to eat healthier and feel your best, these suggestions will help you get that much closer to your goal.

The Beauty Vault

From treatments you can find right around the corner to out-of-this-world products you can add to your beauty arsenal, this round-up will have you looking like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

Summer Musings

The sensual and natural look of the ‘70s is back and includes luminous sun-kissed golden skin, a flesh-hued pouty pucker and tropical scents that evoke all things summer and the beach.

Mindful Minutes

When the world is moving at warp speed, it’s great to take a step back to reflect and reconnect with yourself and the present. Let these apps help you stay centered and focused while you conquer the day.

Fit Inspiration

If you want the drive to be something bigger than you think you are, look no further than your own mirror. Below are some tips to follow if you’re looking to start a fitness journey, participate in a competition, or learn to believe in yourself and gain more confidence.

Pretty Little Details

Take your beauty and fashion tips, tricks, regimens and remedies for a ride with these suggestions for propelling your looks in ways that will surprise you — and anyone who glances your way.

Hollywood Haute

The gals today are emulating the retro pin-up allure of Dita Von Teese and Lana Del Rey — it’s all about femininity and glamour, and who doesn’t drool over that? Now we can create that same radiance and mega glow, sans the paparazzi flashes.

Balance Makes Bliss

How does one find balance in life? First, ask yourself what makes you happy? Then, go in the pursuit of that. Lastly, keep nurturing that acquired balance in your life by including helpful advice that assists in prolonging your bliss.

Million- Dollar Smile

There are several negative consequences of missing some or all of your teeth. The most obvious effect is a change in the esthetics of your face.

Untired Skin

When family gatherings, office parties and holiday cheer keep you up way past your bedtime, look toward these beauty agents that will bring that summer glow back for the season and beyond.

Yoga Love

The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are endless. No wonder its popularity is at an all-time high — from A-list celebrities to athletes across the globe, everyone seems to be practicing yoga.

Smoother Operator

As the holidays approach, many people are looking for quick rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

Diva Deluxe

Mariah Carey teams up with beauty brand MAC to bring a nude shimmering lipstick for the holiday season as an ode to the era that launched her music career in the ‘90s.

Friction Advantage

The Lynx Board takes your workout to a whole new level in a simple, straightforward manner using friction training, a multi-functional bodyweight fitness concept that gives impressive results.

Team Tree house

Are you in the neighborhood for good vibrations on par with the famed Beach Boys ‘60s pop tune? The Bodhi Tree House is a totally groovy holistic health community center, café and retail store catering to folks ready to find their inner joy.

No-Stress Choices

The InterContinental Miami’s mySpa is the antidote to seasonal stresses, work-related anxieties and all your other stressors, and they’ve made things even easier with a new flexible month-to-month plan.

Heavenly Hair

Whether you’re looking for a new look or just want to take advantage of superb hair services, discover what those in-the-know consider the best-kept secret in Brickell.

Eternal Elixir

A potent moisturizing holistic beauty product that nourishes the skin, leaving it supple and baby soft, Butter Elixir has developed a cult following in the yogi and fashion worlds.

Smile Power

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” That’s a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


The two best options to assist you in enhancing your facial structure through makeup — known in the beauty world as contouring — comes from two ladies: Charlotte & Anastasia.

Happy Smiles

Crowns (a.k.a. caps) have many purposes. The first is cosmetic in that crowns can be used to re-contour the shape of a tooth to help achieve a beautiful smile.

Retreat In A Box

Every day is a new chance to connect to the most conscious, healthy, honest, joyful version of ourselves. Luckily, healing ourselves with earthy products is made easy with Yogi Surprise.

Stylish Sight

When you step inside International Opticians, you’ll notice that it feels different from the chain stores — and it is. This independent family-run eyecare facility offers truly personalized one-on-one service as well as the latest styles at great prices.

Beyond Bliss

Going to a spa is not just about pampering and indulgence — it’s an essential part of modern life. A spa relieves the stress of our busy lives, detoxifies the body, massages away body aches and pains, provides state-of-the-art fitness options and gives us an overall mental and physical boost.

Summer Beauty

Youthful skin has the power to yield a face that’s properly makeup-ready. Here’s our beauty editor’s top picks for favorite summer beauty finds that keep our skin and lips moist, glowing and summer-ready.

Confessions Of A Beauty Queen

When it comes to being a beauty queen, it takes more than good looks and a beautiful body to earn the crown and don the title. Here are some reflections from beauty queens who have taken the stage and brought home the crown — and everything that comes with it.

Miami’s Morocco

Breathe the exotic scent of herbs and spices in deep as you enjoy mani/pedis, waxes, facials, eyelash extensions and more at South Florida’s first Moroccan-themed spa at Hair By Hisham.

On-Demand Classes

Imagine the decadence of being able to go to a spin class without leaving your home. That’s just what Peloton does as it delivers live-streaming classes to their state-of-the-art cycles.

Rhythmic Rituals

The first South American-inspired luxury spa with shamanic practices in the U.S. has arrived to Miami. Housed in Faena Hotel, you’ll find an oasis for the mind, body and spirit at Tierra Santa Healing House.

Beauty Va-Voom

When it comes to beauty, you should aim for the most advanced, the very best and throw some technology up in there to attack aging in every direction!

Follow Your Gut

It’s generally understood that food in its natural, unprocessed state is healthier overall. It’s helpful to talk to a qualified healthcare professional — someone with a functional or holistic approach is ideal — to better understand your needs.

Super Smile

A person’s smile is their ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the lips and teeth.

Adios, Adipose!

One of the most exciting developments over the last several years has been technology to remove unwanted fat without surgery. Initially, there was Coolsculpting, which eliminates fat by freezing it.

Ravishing Red

It is all about the pout this season — full, voluptuous, defined lips. And the color that cannot go missing from your makeup tote is Fire Engine Red. Rouge, and ready to pucker up. Here are some of the best reds you can find.


Tragic Commedia

Highlighted by one of the most tragic tenor arias of all time “Vesti la giubba,” the original “Tears of a Clown,” Florida Grand Opera’s presentation of Ruggero Leoncavallo’s I pagliacci is a not-to-be missed tour de force.

Design Minds

Step into a world where interior and exterior spaces meld to create a harmonious symphony of design, architecture and functional aesthetics that redefines spaces and leaves a lasting impact. Introducing a curated collection of DESIGN MINDS — industry leaders from some of South Florida’s top design firms who showcase their sources of inspiration and secrets to success.