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Super Smile

A person’s smile is their ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the lips and teeth.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 15, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Have you ever analyzed your smile? If so, and you are considering making esthetic or cosmetic changes, you should consider an Esthetic Smile Analysis, a highly organized and systematic approach that’s required to properly evaluate, diagnose and correct esthetic problems more predictably. With advances in technology, Esthetic or Cosmetic Dentistry has become more of an art form that extends beyond the realm of just beauty and teeth. A complete Esthetic Smile Analysis is essential to ensure a biologically functional dentition that also looks aesthetically pleasing. Re-creating or designing a new smile is not only limited to changing the shape and look of the teeth. In fact, it extends beyond the mouth to include a complete analysis of the face, lips and supporting structures. Emphasis must also be placed on vertical and horizontal facial dimensions along with alignment of corporal and dental midlines in order to design and create a smile that truly complements your face and personality. In conclusion, with advances in dentistry we have many more options to help achieve a more aesthetic smile. If you’re concerned about the effect your smile has, be sure to schedule an Esthetic Smile Analysis with your dentist today!

› Jessica Eagan, a Miami Native, graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, where she achieved multiple degrees in Dentistry. She now practices in her state-of-the-art dental office located in the heart of the Roads;

Desirous of the pearliest of chompers, but depressed by the pricetag associated with the slickest of strips? Here are a few cheap tricks to enhance the gleam of those multi-hued molars.

I know, I know. You wanted some miracle elixir straight from the heavens that bleached your grill blanco with zero investment or energy. The #1 way to keep your teeth shiny-white is to brush after you eat or drink anything, especially staining edibles like your thrice-daily cafe con leche.


We heard this one from the star-studded authority on all matters aesthetic: Catherine Zeta Jones. Mash up strawberries and brush with them twice a week, rinsing thoroughly. Remember to floss again afterwards to remove any stowaway seeds that can get caught in your gumline.


That yellow spice that stains all your clothes after a late-night curry binge can also add luster to a sallow smile. Brushing with turmeric can be off-putting, but after a few weeks you’ll be flashing your fangs with confidence!