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The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are endless. No wonder its popularity is at an all-time high — from A-list celebrities to athletes across the globe, everyone seems to be practicing yoga.
Text by Ros Prado | May 23, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

But did you know that this ancient system can help you become a better lover? To start, yoga does wonders for flexibility, which will surely allow you and your partner to get into more elaborate, fun poses without the risk of pulling a hamstring for lack of mobility. But flexibility isn’t the only benefit you’ll gain; yoga and meditation have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and aid in mental health. All of this can boost libido and help you achieve climax. Mindfulness has been proven to help women reach the big “O” faster. But not only will you achieve orgasm quicker, you can also intensify the sensations through pelvic floor exercises. While practicing asanas, yogis are encouraged to engage their mula bandha…an energy lock believed to be at the bottom of the pelvic floor, right behind the cervix. In other words, throughout your yoga class, you will be asked to engage the same muscles used during kegels, which can help blood flow to your sexual organs. Keep in mind that were blood flows, energy follows…so learning to access these muscles will ensure an unforgettable session between the sheets.

› Ros Prado is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. With a background in Psychology, her approach is one that calls for self-study and awareness with the aim of improving relationships with others and ourselves.

This trio of amazing yoga poses will help you stay limber and agile while maintaining a healthy rise in libido.

Cow Pose
This pose is sensual in nature, but also works out the muscles located on your pelvis. The strength of those muscles directly affects the intensity of your orgasms, making this pose crucial to those looking to elevate their pleasure.


Bound Angle Pose
Bound Angle is a great way to increase the flow to the hip and groin areas. Circulation and blood flow are directly linked to levels of arousal and vitality. This pose also helps stretch the inner thighs for a wider range of motion, which can be helpful during intimacy.


Downward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog awakens mindfulness and invigorates the body, both certainly important for good sex. This pose will ease muscle tension in your back and improve hamstring flexibility, all the while directing the eyes toward the pelvic area, reminding us that we are sexual beings.