Issue - November 2015


Meet a few professionals who are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning ideas that are sure to turn any space in your home into a functional showpiece that will make you the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Interior Imagination

The futuristic, mind-blowing interior design must-haves we’ve found will make your home a conversation piece in its own right and have your guests’ eyes popping out of their sockets whenever they drop in for a visit.

Parental Control

Lourdes Leon-Vega has built the Tutti Bambini brand into an empire that helps new parents redesign their lives and spaces as they transition into a kid-centric world.

Untired Skin

When family gatherings, office parties and holiday cheer keep you up way past your bedtime, look toward these beauty agents that will bring that summer glow back for the season and beyond.

Legally Speaking

Philosophers, thinkers and laymen alike contemplate the law, lawyering and a life of living within the legal limits. Check out these iconic thoughts on the subject.

Satisfying Appetites

Little River Building & Home Supply, a leading hardware store in Miami, has been helping feed homeless and low-income residents at their Thanksgiving and holiday feasts for over 30 years. And this year, you can come volunteer a little of your time to make a big difference.


Interns always strive to make a good impression in the hopes of landing a full-time job after graduation. But what’s really going on behind the perky attitudes and big smiles?

Sit Up

No one gets to be a great success in their field without spending long hours at their desk. That time, while profitable for the bottom line, takes a significant toll on the body. Luckily, scientists are changing that, one seat at a time.


Are you living with a pet star and don’t even know it? Maybe you’ve got the perfect dog for the next Disney movie or your cat is ready to be featured in magazine ads. Stunning good looks aren’t even a requirement.

Distinctive Dining

Marion and El Tucan offer two vastly different experiences with one shared kitchen headed by Michelin-pedigreed Executive Chef Jean Paul Lourdes.

Southern Charm

Elizabeth Scokin, Southern Lifestyle Expert & Creator of Haute Hostess Aprons, shares advice on party etiquette and how to charm the dickens out of your holiday guests this season.

Show Them The Money

These comedians, humorists and actors have made fortunes making us laugh since they can find humor in just about every aspect of life. This, of course, includes money.

Cultivating Cinema

It’s cult, it’s kitsch, it’s camp — it’s no longer much of a secret. The Secret Celluloid Society brings cult films to a famished Miami audience, and the Orson-esque boy wonder behind it all is Miami’s own Nayib Estefan.

Citizen Of The World

We’re all busy people. As an entrepreneur constantly juggling projects, a philanthropist aspiring to make a difference and a life enthusiast traveling the corners of the world seeking adventures, I’ve found nothing keeps me more balanced and grounded than consistency in my morning routine.

Home Overhaul

Considering a designer or decorator for a project? Here are the skills designers put to the test to ensure a project comes to life on time, on budget and beyond expectations.

Darth Time

The latest edition of Star Wars has fans feverishly snapping up soon forgotten collectibles such as Wookie water bottles. A watch, on the other hand, is something we all need to avoid the fury of parking meters or dinner dates.

Earth Wear

With a true love for fitness, fashion and everything eco, Rebecca, the founder, designer and owner of The Paprika Shop, created a clothing and jewelry line that combines flexibility, playfulness and eco-friendliness to create pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Yoga Love

The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are endless. No wonder its popularity is at an all-time high — from A-list celebrities to athletes across the globe, everyone seems to be practicing yoga.

Pawty Time

Kicking off the holiday season is the Humane Society Of Greater Miami’s 19th Annual Brunch For The Animals, providing the opportunity to pay tribute and help raise funds for the care of animals in shelters.

Good Vibes

The Emporio Group produced their first massive concert in 1998 when Ricky Martin captivated more than 30 million people singing “La Copa De La Vida” in the Estadio Olimpico of Caracas.

Plug-In Porsche

Since 1948, Porsches have been converting gasoline into adrenalin-pumping, glorious noise. The adrenalin remains, but soon there will be a ghostly-quiet yet unbelievably fast Porsche that will never need to stop at a gas pump.

Fantastic living

Saying that Oceana Key Biscayne has unrivaled amenities isn’t an overstatement. The list starts with its prime location on the last available piece of paradise on Key Biscayne and 500 feet of private beach.

Business oasis

The modern work environment is constantly evolving. Some companies insist that employees work in a formal office everyday. Others have their staff work entirely from home. But many need something in between.

Travel Chums

In a year, just under 1 billion people travel around the world seeking out new destinations and experiences. Wouldn’t it be better to do that with a friend? That’s what travel partner sites are all about.

Smoother Operator

As the holidays approach, many people are looking for quick rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

Exemplary Craftsmanship

The Design District is an inspired neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion and art. One of the reasons for its cutting-edge reputation is the Felio Siby boutique.

Home Soul

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to visit their home and ask them for a tour. It’s a great glimpse into their taste, priorities and personality. And just like fingerprints, no two homes are the same.

Golden Wipes

Golden faucets are a thing of the past when it comes to having the world’s poshest bathroom.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Spice Is Nice

Give thanks this season for the treat you’ll give yourself and your guests if you decide to sip on this autumn-inspired cocktail that serves as the perfect complement to any Thanksgiving feast.

Sips & Steins

New to the food and drinks scene at Bayside, Bavaria Haus serves up delicious German treats with wide bay views and a relaxed atmosphere where good cheer reigns supreme.

Mystery, Mint Tea & Marrakech

A passage into Africa leads to the Northern City of Marrakech — witnessing the buttery sun biding adieu to the day, with the faint silhouette of camels on the horizon, the smell of cedar and sweet mint tea, the anticipation of adventure begins the second one utters the name: Morocco.

The Home Within

Discover how turn of the century acting techniques, a shaman the Mexican jungle and using your imagination may enable you to travel far and wide with home by your side.

Bold Living

A multi-colorful juxtaposition of elements adds up to memorable lifestyle moments.

Primal Leisure

Strength and beauty are defined by tailored and relaxed silhouettes that yield a contemporary lifestyle.

Living Abodes

Whether of not you’ve toyed with technology that allows you to monitor and control your home with the touch of a button, the entirely automated home is coming to a neighborhood near you — and it will be able to anticipate your needs quicker than you will.

Bold Creation

Designed to offer an authentically immersive guest experience that fuses the Hyde brand’s philosophy with Miami’s vibrant design and art scene, Hyde Midtown Suites & Residences is set to become a premier luxury hotel-condominium development in the booming Midtown district.

Curated Closets

Closets are the latest “must-have” luxury amenity, and in some cases, can affect the price and speed of a home sale almost as much as the kitchen, master bathroom, views and pool area.

Stylish Cause

Miami’s elite philanthropists and community leaders came out for Fashionably Conscious to get their hands on gently used designer items to benefit Coconut Grove Cares.

What A Treat

Beacon Hill Chocolates celebrated the opening of its first Miami location by offering guests a taste of their handcrafted chocolates from around the world in more than 100 confectionary varieties.


Sunny Medicine

Irina Logman always dreamed of bringing her holistic approach to tropical Miami, where she proudly works to introduce health-conscious young professionals to the medicinal practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine for optimal results.

Lasting Legacy

Tibor Hollo, a visionary figure in Miami’s development, leaves a remarkable legacy as a pioneer in urban development who recognized the potential for vertical growth in Downtown Miami.