Earth Wear

With a true love for fitness, fashion and everything eco, Rebecca, the founder, designer and owner of The Paprika Shop, created a clothing and jewelry line that combines flexibility, playfulness and eco-friendliness to create pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable.
Text by Ros Prado | May 23, 2018 | People

With not even a year under its belt since launching, The Paprika Shop is already making a splash in the fitness fashion world with items that will make you feel like a stunningly fit goddess. And what’s not to love? The brand’s clothing is fun, functional and comfortable. Tops and leggings are made out of recycled water bottles and gorgeous designs are beautifully printed using a method that’s chemical-free, requires less energy and produces minimal waste. But Paprika’s efforts to bring us green fashion doesn’t stop there; in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle, all Paprika products are either handmade by the team or in small factories that are ethical and sweatshop-free. From their fun and funky apparel to their delicate and beautiful jewelry, The Paprika Shop is changing the face of fitness gear forever;