Interns always strive to make a good impression in the hopes of landing a full-time job after graduation. But what’s really going on behind the perky attitudes and big smiles?
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

All Work, All Play
Our corporate policy is “Whatever it takes to get the job done.
“Yeah, whatever, I got a social media empire to build in between deadlines!”

Clock In & Out
Our office hours sometime run well past 5 p.m.
“Oh, that’s cool, the clubs are boring before 11 p.m.”

Pay As You Go
Intern appointments are non-paid positions.
“Uh…what?! You aren’t going to pay me??? Ramen aisle here I come!”

Dress To Impress
We require interns to wear office-appropriate clothing.
“Great! My neon green spandex mini-dress with my leopard pumps should be perfect!”

Eat & Run
You will be allowed one hour for lunch each day.
“No prob, but I’ll need to schedule it to fit in between naps in the copy room – you do practice siestas around here, don’t you?”

Sick Daze
Although not encouraged, you are allowed 4 cigarette breaks per day.
“Sounds like I’m going to start smoking!”

Food Fright
We must respect each other’s food in the breakroom refrigerator.
“And this is how Operation Refrigerator Raid begins; if they won’t pay me, they will feed me.”