Darth Time

The latest edition of Star Wars has fans feverishly snapping up soon forgotten collectibles such as Wookie water bottles. A watch, on the other hand, is something we all need to avoid the fury of parking meters or dinner dates.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 23, 2018 | Luxury

Devon Works is known for intricate timepieces that are also intricate works of art, and this latest raises the bar even higher. Inspired by the Sith Lord, their Darth Vader watch uses a complex series of glass-reinforced conveyor belts powered by a hybrid electro-mechanical movement to display the time. Utilizing more than 300 precision-crafted parts from the aerospace industry, this watch was built from scratch, with the engineers creating it as they went. Just as Darth Vader is the biggest badass (who might have a soft side) in the universe, this watch is also one of the most intriguing timepieces on the market. From the exterior black diamond-like carbon finish to the fiendishly-pointed screws straight off Vader’s helmet, this is the watch you expect to see on George Lucas’ wrist. Production is limited to 500 pieces, so only a few hard-core Star Wars fans will have the chance to “use the force” to tell the time; $28,500 with matching cufflinks;