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Waxmee Salon & Spa is a one-stop shop where affordability does not affect quality for clients who demand the best but can still be impressed by finding it at reasonable prices.
Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos by Antonio Eli | June 16, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

When family and friends get together amazing things can happen. That’s exactly what resulted when the original owners of Waxmee Salon & Spa attended business school together. Two sisters and a friend were preparing a spa business model for a school presentation when they discovered that there was a lack of a good yet economical spa in the Brickell area. Initially, the venture started off as Waxmee Spa, which at that time included wax and nails. Shortly after opening they incorporated facials, massages and spray tans. More than 2 years ago, Waxmee Salon & Spa opened a full hair salon and incorporated “Salon” to its name.
An unstinting belief in that initial business plan has led to their current success seeing them through uncertain economies and other factors that witnessed many local businesses close their doors. “During the first couple of years the partners had to carry the new business,” explains Owner/Operator Fred Soto. As their lives grew in different directions, one of the sisters and the friend released themselves from responsibility and only one of the sisters stayed with the company. “It was at that point that her loving husband sold his yacht maintenance business and came in to help manage the place,” continues Soto. “Today, he runs the business on a day-to-day basis and she runs the books. They make a great team.”
Several other key factors have led to the shop’s present success including exceptional customer service. “We respect our clients’ busy schedules and are very time-efficient when coordinating services,” says Soto. The ability to do multiple services, even at the same time when applicable, allows the clients to groom themselves to the max in the limited time allowed by today’s overfilled personal calendars. “We have regulars that come in for touch-ups on their roots and during processing they get a mani/pedi, lip & eyebrow wax and are out the door within a couple of hours,” explains Soto. “But by no means does our ability to perform in a timely manner affect our quality — that’s why our customers keep coming back.”
While the noticeable need for a reasonably-priced yet sophisticated spa in the Brickell area was the impetus that launched the Waxmee concept, the management and staff are ideally suited for the Miami marketplace. “We know style and are on top of the hottest trends and this is a key to Miami living,” says Soto. “Our BA in business management and experience in the customer service industries has helped tremendously but it’s the combination of our staff’s experience and our customer service that counts. All of our staff is extremely positive and you can feel the good energy in the air. Our patrons love the synergy we have amongst ourselves and they get to relax and leave on a positive note. Once a client tries us, they marry us for life.” In fact, most of their new business is referrals.
Currently, the focus is on building the customer database and developing lifetime relationships with clients, something Soto claims is their best accomplishment to date. “We have a great team of people, most of whom have been with us from the very beginning and will be with us for many years to come.” As for future plans? “We currently have 10 estheticians and 5 stylists and have plenty of room to grow,” Soto says. “However, we have high standards and specifics as to who we want working in the salon…we won’t accept anything but the best.”
And with that standard of excellence comes expert advice based on years of cumulative experience. “Sometimes clients want things that don’t suit them or are not attainable,” says Soto. “If you have black hair and think you can go bleach-blonde overnight we inform you it’s impossible. We ask clients to consider the risks, benefits and recommendations we provide to them when we receive any request.”
Best of all, there’s no doubt that the “top-quality-at-popular-prices” business plan that originally launched the company was right on track. Today, Waxmee Salon & Spa sees all types of people — from 13 to 80+ as the shop proudly offers styles for all ages. “Our goal is to be the best at what we do and stay on top of the latest beauty trends,” concludes Soto. “Ultimately, we want our clients to enjoy their experience and love how they look and feel when they leave our shop.”
Waxmee Salon & Spa is located at 1759 SW 3rd Ave. in Brickell. For a consultation, list of services or to set up an appointment, call 305.856.4082 or visit