Issue – July/August 2013

Emotional Fitness

Are you physically fit and attractive but unhappy? Has it occurred to you that you might be emotionally overweight or mentally lethargic? Everything in the realm of aesthetics has a shelf life, but an individual’s willpower and healthy mindset transcend. Learn how to get into your best emotional shape now.

Aesthetically Pleasing

From hair to nails to makeup and everything in between, these salon and spa professionals are sure to make you look your best all year round.


If you’re looking to take your physical fitness to the next level, these South Florida wellness experts will help you achieve the best version of yourself possible — as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to yield greatness.

Beauty Makers

Next time you look in the mirror, you might want to keep these professionals of perfection in mind. Their skills, expertise and reputation will help you achieve just about anything you want to improve upon inside and out.

The Fit Chronicles

Fitness, it’s an obsession for most of us. We’re beset by the notion of getting tighter, thinner, hotter and stronger. But what is it like from a fitness professional’s perspective? Learn the concerns, pet peeves, quandaries, annoyances and what really gets under the skin of trainers and instructors so you can avoid them next time you get your sweat on.

One Diet For All?

The Flexitarian Diet promises to help you drop pounds, live healthier and potentially add years to your life, all the while making your fridge — and tastebuds — happy.


We’ve gathered some essential gym and fitness equipment you don’t need a membership for —that’s because you can bring each one of these home to ensure you’re workouts are as private as your weight.

Power Chugs

Discover some cocktails and libations that give an energy boost, cut down on hangovers, and offer much more besides great taste and an unforgettable experience.


In the Upper Eastside of Miami — in an area known as the MiMo District — you’ll find one very out-of-the-ordinary gym owned and run by a couple of sassy and enterprising ladies.

Soulful Sounds

With an achy chocolate-dipped fervent voice and the long, dark hair required to be a bonafide Roots-Rock troubadour, Brendan O’Hara and The O’Heallyeahs, have been singing up a storm for years.

Get Informed

This might come as a shock, but 7 million people are undiagnosed for Diabetes in the U.S. and the disease kills more Americans every year than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Here are a few things you should know from the American Diabetes Association.

Green Gem

Before it was fashionable to go green and the omnipotent stores that cater to the über healthy and the deities of granola and wheatgrass were erected, there was Pinecrest Wayside Market with fresh local fruit, sweet homemade pies and one very famous award-winning strawberry shake.

Case Protect

Now you have the ability to transform your iPhone into a waterproof, shockproof POV camera with wide-angle lens — perfect for action sports aficionados and adventure seekers.

Without Numbers

Who needs digits when you’ve got such eye-catching design? These timepieces demonstrate how chic a watch can look when traditional numbered faces are left off the dial.

Sweet Music

It can’t all be hard work and no play, and when you are ready to play — melodically, that is. Now there’s a place in Wynwood where performers can perform, and the natives can enjoy the best local acts.

Flower Power

Want to give potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals the pass when choosing fragranced products? You’ll love Lotus Wei’s elegant and natural flower essences.

Creative Inspiration

Getting in touch with your own creative instincts is a healthy and healing exercise for both body and mind. If you’re at a loss for how to get started, try out one of these arts classes and get inspired.

Inheritance Thoughts

A gradual transfer of wealth is occurring among Americans: Baby boomers are starting to receive an estimated $8.4 trillion in inheritances from older generations, according to a paper published by The Center For Retirement Research at Boston College.

Daring Silhouette

When it comes to outdoor décor, not all umbrellas are created equal. Just take a peek at the iconic Manta Parasol from Tuuci.

Mermaid Munchies

Florida prides itself on having some of the freshest seafood in the world. Its star attraction — the gem of the sea — is the oyster. It’s the crustacean most people clamor for due in part to its reputation as an aphrodisiac, but there are more ways than one to enjoy Neptune’s delicacy, let us count the ways…

City Impact

The Centro development promises to bring a new level of elegance to downtown living just in time for the area’s evolution boom.

Ocean Jaunt

They’re calling it “The Bachelor Yacht” — the new Pershing 74’, a stellar release from Ferretti Group that combines an exciting ride with a luxurious on-board living experience.

Haute Sun

Protect yourself from harmful sunrays whenever you’re enjoying the great outdoors with La Mer’s first in-sun collection, one of the most anticipated offerings from the venerable brand.

Professional Allure

Ramy Brook’s Fall 2013 Collection combines work-ready styles with a fashion-forward philosophy and some serious sex appeal.

Fit Lit

Looking to shed a few pounds? One of the smartest ways to start is with a few hours on the couch — as long as you’re spending them studying up with one of these food-savvy books.

Fast Science

The Tesla Model S takes the concept of an all-electric performance car out of sci-fi fantasy and onto the street.

Lasting Solution

Why keep buying and throwing away plastic wrap when there’s a more permanent option for keeping things fresh?

Soul Breaks

I recently started a new hobby: Taking soul breaks. There’s really not much to it. I just disconnect completely for an hour or so each day to sit and clear my mind.

Ultimate Soundscape

Music is the soundtrack to life, the time-tested way to alter or enhance every mood.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Beautiful Beverages

Let’s face it, most single men go to bars in the hope of meeting one of the many stunning fashion models strutting around town. At Blue Martini, that’s guaranteed in the form of bartender/model/fashion designer Stephanie Rotuna.


The Palm Beaches have long been a place where the sophistication of yesteryear and the intrigue of modern luxuries collide in harmonious delight all year round.


Despite technology (or maybe because of it) we seem to put in longer hours at the office and at home than ever before. The following luxury toys will help you get the most out of increasingly precious leisure time.

Gem Genius

How do you stand out in a field of glittering diamonds? In the case of Freddy’s: The Certified Diamond Store, being known as the place “Where South Florida Gets Engaged” is just the start. The rest has to do with cut, clarity, color, carats and confidence.

Prime Pampering

Waxmee Salon & Spa is a one-stop shop where affordability does not affect quality for clients who demand the best but can still be impressed by finding it at reasonable prices.

Fierce Tranquility

When it comes to showing off all the assets you’ve worked so hard to achieve this season, remember that your wardrobe is as important as the skin you’re in.

Top Development

AXA Developers & Strategic Properties Group hosted an exclusive launch party to officially unveil Le Parc at Brickell, expected to be completed in Late 2014.

Iconic Honor

Baltus Collection announced that the winner of this year’s Icon Awards is interior design firm Britto Charette for their outstanding contributions to the interior design community in South Florida.

Exceptional Art

Keeping with its spirit of unity and exposition, Biscayne Art House’s latest featured artists seamlessly meld a great variety of artwork and creativity for patrons to enjoy.

Prime Investment

Rilea Group recently unveiled The Bond @ 1080 Brickell, a new 323-unit luxury tower located in the heart of Miami’s Brickell Financial District.


Sunny Medicine

Irina Logman always dreamed of bringing her holistic approach to tropical Miami, where she proudly works to introduce health-conscious young professionals to the medicinal practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine for optimal results.

Lasting Legacy

Tibor Hollo, a visionary figure in Miami’s development, leaves a remarkable legacy as a pioneer in urban development who recognized the potential for vertical growth in Downtown Miami.